My Updated Skin Care

I haven't talked about Skin Care lately, because I'm using the same Skin Care products as what I've talked in my previous post. But this new Season of cold and rainy days i change my skincare products and routine a little bit. Cold Weather is starting to make break outs in my skin and lately i noticed that my skin gets darker and dryer and i need to make an intervention before it gets worst. Keep on reading until below because i wrote the name of the products that I'm using.

The colder the weather is the more my skin becomes so hard and it feels like my skin is like a glass that once hit by another hard object it will break. And i totally don't like that feeling, i want my skin to maintain on their moisture and softness no matter how cold outside. Extra care for our self is not a big circumstances, it's just that the more we take good care of ourselves shows that we love our selves. Remember, love your selves first before you love others.

1. Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner
2. Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll - on
3. Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum
4. Skin Food Parsley and Mandarin Emulsion
5. P.O Care Aloe Moisturizing Sun Block Face & Body SPF 50 PA ++

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