That Sexy Back

I really wanted to have those sexy back patterns but I can’t find any stores that sells with in my budget until now. It wasn’t as what I expected when it arrived but on the other side I’m actually loving it, the cross pattern at my back is awesome.

What’s with the sexy back? Well I just want to show my lovely back, though I don’t have an enormous sexy figure (but I have the height.LOL). Sexy back will totally rock for me because sometimes I am not confident enough to wear fitted or bodycon dress because there’s nothing to show, but I have a great sexy back. While writing this post, I suddenly think of a solution for plus size women or women that have a straight figure like me.  If you want to go out and feel sexy without compromising your exist belly? Try a Sexy back top that is not too fit or hug-gable in your body so that it gives an illusion to your back. I recommend wear dark or black colors to hide unnecessary fats.


I always balance my outfit with colors 
and pairings like, if my
top is sleeveless or showing more skin, my bottom will be a jeans, trouser, or A knee skirt, anything that is knee level or below the knee. Then vice versa, if my top has a sleeve or covering too much skin my bottom probably a shorts or anything that is above the knee or sometimes I wore jeans that depends on the weather. I used this pairing patterns because I want to separate myself with eyes of the folks. Why? Because I actually live in a simple community that there are a lot of people that cannot understand your sense of fashion that sometimes they might categorized you in so many levels and I hate it!! You know what I meant.


So back, with the sexy back it will totally give you a confidence that no matter how big you are you can still be sexy in your own ways with a right pair of top, choose a good sexy back patters that is not too fit in your body. And wear your confidence

So what do you think about wearing a sexy back? Please comment below and don’t forget to follow me in Instagram and Facebook, and I do have a great news with you guys, I’ll be going to Changmai next month for just a short vacation. And surely there will be a lot of post that I’m going to share with you.

Sexy Back top from Dress by KM
Floral pants from a Boutique
Necklace from Zalora TH
Rings from H&M TH
Sandal from Zalora TH
Shoulder Bag from Kadinu

You can shop or buy the same clothes at Zalora Philippines. You can also use my discount code ZBAPZFLQ For a direct link, just click the image below. 

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