My New Denim

Denim is not out of trend it’s always been there it’s just changes in so many styles and designs. And I can tell that I am one of those people who really love denim, if you can just have a look in my wardrobe I have a tons of denim shorts, denim tops, dress or even long sleeve.

When me and my boyfriend give a ride to our couple friends to their home, I suddenly saw a boutique where the mannequin wore a washed off Denim and it was love at first sight. And I wanted to buy it right away but I just don’t have my wallet at that time, so I asked my friend to buy it for me and I’ll just pay on the next day. And I have it.


I actually saw one of the Australian blogger, my favorite “Zanita” wore this kind of washed off Denim, and she looks amazing with her lovely hair. And then when I try my own washed off Denim I totally don’t have any regrets that I bought it. There are a lot of kinds of Denim Clothes and I’m very picky with it, because there are Denim that are very Thick that is not appropriate with the country that I’m living right now because it’s too much hot. I like those Denim that has a Thin cloth because I feel fresh and I can still breath.

I think you can also do a DIY Washed off Denim, just research it in Pinterest or Google, if you want to be more creative or you want to lessen your budget. For me I just wanted to buy this since it has very great design, cuts, texture and the washed off color is really lovely.


Fisherman's hat from Daiso TH
Denim Dress from Manita
Alligator Flats from Bata TH

Do you like Denim?

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