A Different Dress Code

When you say Friday, it’s all about party at the bar and clubs drinking and having fun, it was me long time ago when I was in college. But when I am actually living here in Thailand, away from my college friends, things got changed when it’s TGIF.

Blue Straight Dress from F&F TH   
Yellow Heels from Foot-In TH

Necklace from Katrina

For me, I’m wearing this Blue straight up dress pairing with my yellow pumps, it looks elegant and at the same time it’s more like a Friday night out.

Whatever makes you feel BAD,
leave it, Whatever makes you 
SMILE, keep it.

At first I’m not used to it, I missed my friends our hang-outs and getting laid, when I browse my IG and FB feed, I am so deadly envy of their pictures getting out and having so much fun. This is actually a real experience not only me but all teenagers or women who are working out of the country, missing home, missing the lifestyle. REALITY!!! But when days passed by I’m getting used to it, my Friday’s is no more like bars and clubs it’s more on dinning and movies with new friends. Well, it’s actually a good thing for me to change a little bit with my crazy life in college though I will never forget my college friends (we are still in touch) beause I’m getting older and responsibilities are actually in my face right now.

So getting out in a Friday for dinning and movies is not an excuse to dress up with your favorite dress. Though sometimes you can’t wear your sexiest clothes in a restaurant or theatre but still you can dress up in a more fancy and sexy way. Just pick up a dress that you are comfortable and doesn’t look like you’re heading to clubs.

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