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Good news everyone, I am actually and finally coming home to Philippines within this month!!! yahooo!! I am totally excited to see my family and friends since I haven't home for 2 years, but finally i have my tickets and no one can stop me now. It's actually a norms or a tradition to Filipino OFW or just a tourist from other country that when they get back to Philippines they have this so called "pasalubong" LOL that is how generous the Filipinos are. And since it's already December i really need to buy something for my family that fits with my budget. And i try to have a look at my favorite online store and i am so surprised with what i saw. But before i want to proceed i would like to clarify that this is not a sponsored post, i just fell in love with what i just saw.

Zalora has been my to go Online Store ever since i came here in Thailand as you can see in my IG and previous post I've been wearing Zalora products, Zalora is an Asia Online Store so where ever you are in Asia, there is Zalora, but this specifically that i will talk about is in Zalora Thailand.But take a look at your Zalora's country maybe they also have the same thing.

Faux Furr Overall Blouse really caught my attention first
since it's really cold right now though it's not the same temperature
in US or Europe that is freezing. But this Furr makes our body 
warm. I love the color and the style, simple but classy. 
And it's not that expensive, for a direct link click HERE.

After the very hottest and trending fashion week in New York,
The big squared pockets comes in and i am surprised that Zalora TH 
included this beautiful Double Front Pocket Dress. It comes 
with three colors they have yellow, khaki black and orange. 
What i love about this dress, it's so simple but elegant and the
big pockets of course, and it's a turtle neck. It's also with in 
my budget range. For a direct link click HERE.

As you might see with your favorite fashion artist, bloggers or icons,
they are also loving the new trend "Fringe" but Zalora TH have this
double combination of Fringe and Leather. This Leather Fringe Skirt
is such amazing, i love the design of the pocket envelope that looks like
a bohemian style and the color is so pretty. It comes also with 
different colors to find out more click HERE.

Again, all about fringe but this one have different style
Fringe Shoulder Blouse is definitely at the shoulder
it's so cool and looks like a chic rockstar.I love the turtle neck
also the proportion of the blouse it hangs at the bottom.
It looks like vintage maybe that's why  i love it. And if you do, 
direct link HERE

And lastly, this Graphic Printing Crop Shirt.
First thing that i notice that makes me in love about this
Crop shirt is that the sleeve is not a typical
length it's like a curve one. And the patterns of the prints
give an illusion. It's formal but chic. For direct link click HERE.

So what do you think about my Shopping List for Christmas Season? this is actually good for Christmas Reunion, parties or dinner. And take note all this faves have only one brand and that is MIRROR DRESS, i don't know if they have a store online and offline but surely you can buy these beautiful apparels in ZALORA TH.


Disclaimer:The photos are from Zalora TH

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