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Hello my dear lovely readers, today I am so excited to share with you my blog post, I know that this is not my usual schedule of posting blogs but I’ve been absent for a couple of days so, this month of December is a lot of schedules for me, party invites, travels and travels. Well, I guess some of you have a crazy month because of the Christmas Season. At this moment, I am going to have a long road trip travel to Laos, yes you read it right “LAOS”. And I’m going to share with you on my road trip essentials. And some tips also that might help you.

Why Laos? As a foreigner from another country I have my own responsibilities to keep my visas here in Thailand legal and safe, so I need to go to Laos to do my visa business and a side trip also. I’ve been to Laos a couple of times but this one I think I’m going to take some photos for this trip. It’s only a 2 days trip, and I’m going to share with you what to bring and some cool tips. I’ve been applying this routine when I travel for a decade so I can say that this routine is totally rocking.

1. Backpack

Backpack from Jansport PH

Usually in a road trip travel I always bring my backpack, it’s very comfortable and functional than a suitcase, unless you’re gonna be out of town for 3 – 7 days or more that’s the time you need to bring a suitcase rather than a backpack. Why I can tell that it is very comfortable? Because you can just hang it at your back and in case of you need to catch something it’s quicker to move or if you need to sink in your body in a narrow space its easier.

2. Light weight clothes

Since I’m bringing a backpack I always bring a light weight clothes that I can fold and roll and organize inside my backpack. But the day before I travel, I always make a plan on what to wear on the days of my vacation or business trip.

3.    Essentials

Travel Organizer from Robinson Department Store PH

I have this travel organizer with me since I was in college and it is still alive until today. It has a three pockets that is very helpful for me to group my essentials and organize them. For my first group are my skin routines, I can’t totally live in other places without these beauty products I own, like my toner, serum, moisturizer and sunblock. For my second group are my shower essentials, I know there are toiletries in hotels or a friend’s house but I’m really picky with my toiletries so I always bring my own travel size toiletries. Like my deodorant, toothpaste, facial scrub, soap, feminine wash, shampoo and conditioner. And lastly, the dry essentials like my sanitary, toothbrush and my wet wipes. 

4.      Accessories

Silver Layered Necklace from H&M TH
Gold Chain Necklace from Zalora TH
Round Sunny from Topshop
Straw hat from Daiso

When I say accessories I have tons of them but I only bring the needed items that I know that is very functional and minimal. I make sure that I style my accessories first with the clothes that I plan to bring, aside from accessories I also bring a sunny, straw hat and a bobby pins. All these accessories will come into a small cottony pouch. Cotton pouch are better than bulky mini bags because they save a lot of space in your backpack. And for my straw hat, I wear them on during my road trip because I don’t want to stuck it in my bag because it will just be folded and the result is totally bad. 

5. Footwear

Sandal from Zalora TH
Slip-on Shoes from H&M TH

You cannot leave the house barefoot, so I always bring minimum 2- 3 pairs of foot wears on my trip and this foot wears are a must stylish and functional. Of course you don’t want to bring something that you cannot wear during your vacation, it’s just a waste of space and effort. For me going to Laos for my Visa trip I will bring a Slip-on shoes and a sandal. My sandal is a black and brown color tone so that it matches all the color of my outfits. During my road trip travel I’ll wear a slip on shoes, this is very comfortable and functional because sometimes when you want to raise your foot in your car seat, you can just slip out and in, in the shoes no more laces to tie. 

6.   Important things

Important things like my passport, travel documents, gadgets and wallets. Never leave them behind, forget everything but not your important things. 

7.  Notebook and pen

These are very important also, and never forget them you always need a piece of paper and a pen.

What do you think of this coolest blog post of mine? Does it give you an idea? Or help you in some ways or inspires you in your next road trip? Comment below. And for my next blog post? My other set of my packing in a suitcase because next week end I’m travelling to Changmai, and I will also include what I will wear for a plane trip. If you want me to talk something related to a plane travel comment below and I’ll be happy to read it and write something from it.



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