My Highlights in 2015 and New Year's Resolution

I can't say that my 2015 was the best of all my years, but i can say 2015 opens great opportunities for me to grow as what i am now. When i found out what i really want, i put all my efforts and time to make it work, Blogging is not just a hobby or passion for me it's my happiness.

2015 is such a roller coaster for me, i experienced a lot of ups and downs but the best moment was I survived. So i want to share with you my New Year's Resolution for 2016!!!!!!!! Yay! I will really try my best that this New Years's Resolution will make happen. But before i go there, i will share first my Top 7 best things that happened to me in 2015. Ahaaaaaa!! This things that I'm proud of as dreamer and a believer. Take note that the photos are from my Instagram.

1. I get to travel, not that much but enough to enjoy my year. Places that i never expected that I will be visiting and places that i only dreamt of but it happened.

Ancient City in Thailand


2. Witnessing my first ever International Fashion Week in Pattaya, Thailand live. I was only watching fashion shows over the screen way back before, but opportunity knocks in my door, and the feeling is so great and i feel like im so lucky to be able to watch this show live.

Pattaya International Fashion Week

3. Being an English Conversation Teacher, i can't deny that im also a part of being a Hotelier and i loved to work in Hotel, but i can't figure out what part of the hotel i want to be part of, but since i discover this job teaching in Hotel Staff in the hotel, i also wanted to become one. And unexpectedly a huge hotel asked me to work with them as an English Conversation Teacher and i grab it. And i never regret to be a part of them even in a short time because it was a contract job.

4. My first biggest Blog Collaboration with Zalora TH. This one is one of the amazing and luckiest thing that happened to me. I mean i've been approaching to brands but some of them neglect me but Zalora TH trust my work so much and believe on my talent as a blogger. For me myself, i can't believe also, that a big company approach a newbie like me, im really blessed.

5. My biggest decesion for 2015 is to cut my hair short, well im not new to this, but trusting other country to cut my hair is such a huge decision. What if the hairstylist doesn't understand what i want for my hair, im gonna carry the regret for a long time? No - ahhh! But i put a lot of trust with the hairstylist who cut my hair and im so happy that it turns out what i want.

6. Being a member of Style By Asia. This online magazine emailed me and invited me to be a member as one of the bloggers on their online magazine or website, talking about Art and Fashion representing Thailand and Philippines. First impression? Like "SERIOUSLY?"  i can't believed that there are really people who took so much time to read my blog, review and appreciate it. It is really a great honor that somehow i have a some ways to show to Asia or the world my talent as a blogger.

My first Fashion Blogger Interview for my article
In Style by Asia

7. And lastly, being home to my family for 2 years without seeing them. It was really a risky decision for me, because of so many hindrance but i took the risk. And here I am writing this blog post at the couch in my home.

And that's are all the best things in my 2015 that im really proud and blessed. And for my New Year Resolution's i only narrowed it into three. I have so many plans for 2016 but i want to focus on three because when these three happens everything will follow.

1. To work more to increase the numbers of my followers in my social media accounts. Lets get be real, a lot of brands right now no matter how great your work is they are still going to look at your numbers. Reality!!!!! So this 2016 i will really do my best to make my Social Media Accounts to be more stonger.

2. To get started with my blogging more seriously for me to start business out of it, like more collaborations, and etc. And ofcourse more to write to inspire you guys.

3. And the last one is to travel more. I hope that this 2016 opens more door for me to work out of the country or travel out of the country.

And thats it!! For my dear readers and followers in my blog and social media accounts, thank you so much for being supportive and appreciating my blog, you are all my inspirations to grow more. I love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! everyone.

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