Do's and Don'ts of Flare Jeans

Before i will share my top five trending outfit style for Fall or Winter season, i want to talk about the Jeans. Yes you read it right, Jeans. Skinny jeans had reign in fashion for a very long time and now? hello to the new jeans that's gonna be rocking this season, "Flare Jeans".

Flare jeans had been first introduce way back before but it was so popular first during 1960s and it's coming back. A lot of celebrity, fashion designer, fashion bloggers and to all women who love fashion is also loving the come back of flares. Recently, this fashion week that has been happening all over the world, a lot of flare jeans are spotted in streets, red carpet or either in the stage. Below are three photos from my favorite Australian Bloggers on their Flare Jeans.
Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox

Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley

Margaret Zhang from Shine by Three

And now before you purchase your pair of Flare Jeans, i just want to share some Do's and Don'ts so that you will not regret buying a wrong pair at the end. 


1. If you are petite or you want to look tall in your Flare Jeans, choose a Dark color or black, with no embelishments, or textured designs. Just a simple dark color flare jeans. Thats it!

2. In choosing or buying a Flare jeans, make sure that the hemline of the jeans is almost dusting the floor. Why? Because the reason why Flare jeans was design is to flaunt the flare hemline of it.

3. Best pair of shoes to wear with a Flare? Stick to Chunky heels or if you can nail the stick heels then go for it girl! Sometimes, there are some women who can't wear heels with a lot of reasons, you can wear flats. Just choose the pointed toe flats. Awsome! You can also wear wedges, any kinds of sandal that has a heel.


1. If you already have a Flare Jeans, don't over - do it on the belt, keep it simple or don't take  a risk to look like Retro. Avoid using chunky belts, if you want to use a belt try the simplest one the slim one.

2. Because its already Fall or Winter you might get confused, wearing Flare Jeans and knee lenght boots or knee length strappy sandals. Never pair a Flare Jeans to a knee length boots or sandal, because it will only ruin the fit of the flare from your knee to the hemline. If you want to wear a boots, wear an ankle boots instead. Flare Jeans is not all about your glamorous sandals or boots, it's the jean's flare.

And that was it, so basic and very helpful. I hope you like my post for today, and my next Fashion post will be the start of my Top five trendy Winter or Fall Style outfit, so keep posted.

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