Winter/Fall Style Trend #1 x Blanket Cape

Here we are the moment of truth, i finally posted my first Style Trend for Winter Season. During Rainy or Cold Season one thing that makes me feel, and that is to stay in bed and cuddle my favorite pillows and blanket. But i can't always do that when i need to get up and work, I don't live in a silver spoon kind of life. But no worries  i can still hug up my favorite blanket.

Blanket Cape is kind of trendy nowadays, especially in a cold season now. Here in Thailand, its always raining but suddenly it stops and the sun came out. Its sounds ridiculous to wear a cape in a very hot sunny day after a rain pours hard. That's why i always used a Blanket that is not already tailored as a cape. So i can just take it off or hang it around in my neck so its not very hot to look at but still stylish.

TIP: own a Blanket that is           

Neutral colors or Earth colors
Like brown, nude colors,
Gray and etc. Make sure that
the lenght or width of
the blanket is enough that your
body is wrap.

Rain showers my spirit
and waters my soul

Blanket Cape from H&M Thailand
Gray Top from a Boutique
Leather Leggings from a Boutique
Pointed Shoes from Bata

You can shop or buy the same dress at Zalora Philippines. You can also use my discount code ZBAPZFLQ . For a direct link, just click the image below. For the Blanket Cape, i couldn't find anything in Zalora, but try to look at any H&M Stores because i bought mine in H&M. The Blanket scarf below is from H&M Thailand. Click the pictures for direct links.

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