Cover up from 10C

In some parts of Thailand there are places that the temperature drops and it’s totally freezing or cold, especially in the month of December. One of this places is Changmai. My partner and our friends had been planning this trip to Changmai for three months.

And when they informed me about it, I am totally excited to be with this trip, I have two reasons why I want to go also. One is finally I can experience how cold a place is, because we also have friends who already went to Changmai, and when I looked at their pictures in social media they are wearing thick coats and gloves, so I am totally curious about the temperature there. Second is I can’t deny that I’m too excited with the outfits that I’m going to wear. I want to try wearing coats, fur and etc. without any hassle. Because normally I can’t wear fur and coats here in Pattaya, Thailand because the weather is still hot. 

So on our flight going to Changmai and our Day 1 travel and tour in Changmai, I wore this totally chic and cute outfit.

I wore a long sleeve washed off denim cover up with a coat, and I didn’t regret at all that I wore this outfit because when we arrived at the highest mountain in Thailand the temperature drops to 10C. It’s super cold and I can feel my face are slightly numb. LOL. And for the bottom I wore a leather leggings this is for me to easily walk and stretch especially inside the plane. And obviously I wore a white wedge shoes.


Blue Coat from H&M TH
Washed off Denim Long sleeve from a Boutique
Leather Spandex from Platinum Bangkok
Wedge Shoes from Roberto Shoes

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