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In my entire blogging life i always share with you girls my Beauty tips, routines and inspirations. But the question is who inspired me the most in my Beauty care?

Aside from sharing with you my outfit of the day, i also want to share with you my Skincare routine and tips and other inspirations, because Im also inspired with my favorite Beauty Blogger. I did not learned all this stuff without them, they are my inspiration for taking care of myself.So i want also to share with you who are my Top 3 beauty blogger that inspires me the most and i learned from.

1. Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is a succesful beauty Youtube sensation and became so popular with her Make-up tutorials and Beauty blog. The first time i knew about her when i was working in a hotel way back 2014 from a colleague of mine. She told me how much she learned so many things about Make-up with her. And on that time i knew to myself that i needed some tutorials to learn the basic of Make-up because i suck on it. And then when i saw her Youtube videos i was totally amazed how fascinating she is. She knew so many things from Make-up to Skincare and i learned from her. I also like her advocacy on more on Organic than Alcohol. 

2. Sazan

Sazan is not actually a 100% Beauty Blogger, she is also a Fashion Blogger but on her Youtube she is also exploring on the "Beauty" side. One thing that caught my attention on her Youtube is that the way she talks. Seriously! She has this sense of humor and she speaks clearly and direct and funny, maybe thats why i like her. Aside from her style of Blogging and Vlogging, i like her Beauty and Make-up tutorials because she uses not so expensive products even Drugstore products. Which is very helpful especially to the girls out there who doesn't have any luxury in life, but still can be beautiful in so many ways.

3. Chloe Morello

Oh em geeeeeeee!!!!!! She is my latest crush and im a fan of her. I can't deny that she is totally gorgeous. The first time i saw her Youtube she is doing a Make-up tutorial for Bohemian Chic Wedding, and i like it. She knows what she is doing, she's pretty and funny. I love all her Make-up tutorial sometimes she do some vlog and she's so natural. 

And that are all my Top 3 Beauty Influencers that really inspires me the most in my Beauty Life and Skin care. How about you? Who inspires you in your Beauty or Skin care routine? 

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Disclaimer: Photos of Influencer are from their Youtube Profile.

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