REVIEW: Innisfree Mask

I’ve been into Organic products or less alcohol base products and most of this products are from Korea’s brands. I’ve been wanting to try some of Korea’s Skin care products, and I’m looking for affordable and a good review with it. So I found this brand called “Innisfree”, this is a Korean brand, and most of bloggers and vloggers I knew used Innisfree and they are happy about it. So why not try for myself and share with you what I personally think and experienced about Innisfree products.

Innisfree has a lot to offer from skin care to make-ups to nail polish and everything that is in-line with Beauty products. So I choose the “Innisfree Mask”, why I choose to try this mask because all their mask are organic and they have a lot of choices from fruits to vegetables. Isn’t it amazing? In Thailand they have Innisfree store in Bangkok in front of Siam Paragon, and if you are far away from Bangkok there is an online store that sells Innisfree products and they are legitimate and their products are not fake it’s called INNISFREE.CNX they have a facebook page and IG. And also they have a lot of stores in Korea obviously, in Philippines you can order it in BEAUTY MNL they actually ship nationwide. Other countries you can easily google where to buy Innisfree products in your place. I bought my Innisfree mask form INNISFREE.CNX, I bought 5 mask in different types the pomegranate, Manuka honey, shea butter, acai berry and kiwi rice.

So, for my personal review with the Innisfree Mask it was amazing, by the way i would like to clarify that this is not a sponsored post or a sponsored review, it is totally my own opinion and personal experience. 

1. I love the packaging, it's so delicious to look at because of the fruits on the cover of the package.

2. It smells, amazing especially the pomegranate it's smells sweet and delicious.
3. I like the stickiness of the mask when it is already settled in my face because i felt that the nutrients is really sinking in my skin. 
4. I love the result after 20 minutes of using the mask,my skin is really soft and fresh. 

So before tearing off the Mask packaging and washing your face, rub first with a toner into your face to remove those excess dirt and to balance the Ph of the skin.

Be careful in tearing off the mask because you might spill off the liquids inside the packaging.

Carefully put on your face and wait until 20 minutes 

All in all, i don't have any regrets on using Innisfree Mask, I love it, and the results is remarkable. 

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