Not your ordinary date

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching like next week, and everyone are quite a bit excited to this day others don’t feel like it for so many reasons in the universe. I just don’t get it why some human beings hate the day or not “hate” but they don’t like the Valentine’s Day. What’s really a Valentine’s Day?

When you say Valentine’s Day others may define it as a celebration of love with their partners in life, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife name it. But honestly? Valentine’s Day is not only for love birds around the corner it’s also for the people we love. Like our parents, friends, neighbors. Classmates, mentors and a lot more. So why so bitter? If you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day? Why not invite your family? Sister? Brother or friend? I usually give some sweet treats to my friends on Valentine’s Day way back when I was in college, and they were very surprised when they received my little sweet gifts, it’s the thought that counts.

For Valentine’s Day, you will see a lot of “RED” in your surroundings and you can’t help it because it’s the day of RED. But for this year I will change a bit my outfit for that day, instead of wearing reds, I will wear white with stripes. If you are asking me WHY? Well, wearing White on the day of Love it makes me feel that I’m happy and no hatred at all, and I love the people that surrounds me. White is a peaceful and calm color so let me just say it in short phrase “Keep Calm and be Happy”.


Dress from The Golden Sun
Black Lace pumps from Quick Step

Photograph by Gen Barber
Edited by yours truly 

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