Water Baby

When i came back to Philippines for a short vacation, i had a lot of plans to meet on that time and luckily i did it all. I really enjoyed spending time with my family and friends and visiting places that i used to hang-out before. Most plans in my list are beach and pool time, so most of the places i went are beaches and swimming pools. 

So before i flew out of Thailand and came home to my country, i asked my sister to look for a new maillots for me so i can confidently spread my wings and swim that beautiful water. But i have some concerns when she's starting to hunt for a perfect maillots for me. So i told her, to find a maillots you need to make sure that it really wrap around my waist but still has that sexy back. And the color must be in black or navy blue.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The reason about this concerns is that girl, it's actually very obvious that i gained weight, am not saying I have a slim perfect body recently (though i had when i was in secondary years) and I'm NOT ashamed of my size and curve because i love it. So go back to the concern, the reason is that maillots that really wraps around the waist gives an illusion for your body to become slim with a touch of dark colors like black or navy blue. If you want to be sexy in your maillots? choose a maillots that has a sexy and unique style at the back.  

You can also style your swimwear, maillot or one piece into something that you are comfortable to walk around the area of the place that you are visiting. Like wearing a skirt of shorts on it, or a scarf tied around your waist. Just be creative, make the style comfortable with you, cuz no matter how amazing your style and if your not comfortable with it, it's useless. Remember always start with comfort and then style. 


Navy Blue Maillot from Kats Swimwear
Origami Shorts from Vania's Dresser

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