Black is Beauty

A lot of people say that Black is beauty, and I don’t have any doubts on that. In regards with the saying, I'm having a rough time nowadays because of Skin Sunburns at my back, in some parts of my body and surprisingly one of my friends told me that I get darker. And I really did panic, and hurriedly searched for any cheap whitening soap. Well, black is beauty but sometimes I'm depressed to make my skin lighter a little bit. 

I went to beaches and water park last month, and due to my over confident with the sun I didn't used any sunblock protection, that’s why I got so many sunburns in my skin. Anyway, Black is not actually my favourite colourI'm more on light, pink and nude colours but this lace up sleeve makes me realize that I needed a black version of it. Luckily, I found one at New Brand online store

I've seen a lot of fashion bloggers wearing this beautiful lace-up blouse in so many styles and designs, and I've decided why not own a piece for me? What I love about this Lace-up Sleeve that I bought is that it’s not hug-gable to my body so no need to be cautious from my hidden fats. LOL!!!

Do you agree with me that Black is Beauty? What is your favourite Black pieces in your wardrobe? And don't forget to follow me in Instagram click HERE for more style, beauty and anything that will inspire you.

Lace-up sleeve from New Brand TH
Denim Shorts from Pratunam Bangkok
Sandal from Zalora TH


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