Lace Me Up

I’m actually in the moment where I’m having a hard time to find a perfect “TITLE” for my blog today, and suddenly there’s an inspiration came out in my mind and I decided why not “Lace me Up”, it really sounded like the famous restaurant in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines “Thai me Up”. 

For my post today, I actually don’t have any idea what to share with you loves, so I decided why not share with you my feelings today while I’m writing this post during my working hours. Hehe! If my manager is reading these “sorry! It’s not busy and I’m a bit sleepy I’m just looking for distraction” LOL! I’m honestly sleepy trying to put myself all together until 4:00 PM. Working in a hotel is not an easy job, you need to deal with everyone and everything. 

For my outfit post, this lace sleeve had been so trendy a year ago, I remember that my co-workmate/friend was selling this kind of outfit before, and I couldn’t buy it. The reason is quite too expensive and there are so many styles and I want to buy only one. This lace outfit that I’m wearing I just bought it last week in a boutique shop in a shopping mall. And I was totally amazed with the price so without any decision thinking I buy it immediately. 

Sometimes, I really wait for a perfect time to buy those clothes that I love, I’m a kind of person that waits for perfect timing. Fashion repeats itself so no need to panic. 

Lace Sleeve from a Boutique
Leggings from Pratunam Bangkok
White Rubber Wedge from Whatever Store


P.S You can shop the same pretty outfit for every budget below! Just click the photo for the direct link. You can also use my discount code for Zalora PH ( ZBAPZFLQ ) and Zalora TH (ZBAP176J )

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