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Hello loves, as I’ve said in my previous post regarding my announcements, here it is new topic to talk about in this blog. I’m so excited to share it with you because it’s my first and hoping every once a month it will continue. Have you experience the feeling that your favorite icon is wearing a beautiful and gorgeous dress but you can’t afford those price tags? Will, I felt it, so I decided why not try to get their looks and search for the cheapest one.

For my first “Get the Look” edition, I decided to get 5 looks of Camille Co. Who is she? Some of you know her very well, but some of you naaahhh!!!!! Camille Co is the famous fashion blogger behind the ItsCamilleCo she is one of the trio members of Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy. She is famous by her blog and style. I also love the style of hers, it’s not too feminine, and it’s classy and edgy. So, let’s get started with the Top 5 outfits.

1. For the first outfit, I choose the edgy look and the layered style of hers.

Her White tank top is from Mango, her red sling purse is from YSL and her lovely pumps is from Valentino. So, they are really pricey for a common girl like me. And that's why i look for the same outfit and pull it all together to get her look. My tank top is from H&M TH, my army green polo dress is from a thrift shop, Mom's Jeans from Levis TH, sandal from Zalora TH and lastly my cute pineapple purse from F&F TH.

P.S If you followed me in my IG you will see more GET THE LOOK outfits.

2. My second outfit from Camille Co is very comfortable especially in everyday activities. 

Her stripe long sleeve is from Forever 21 and also the denim overall shorts,her boots is from Alexander Wang. Getting her look at the picture above is not that difficult, I already own an overall shorts from a Thrift Shop and my stripe long sleeve is also from a thrift shop. You can never go wrong in a thrift shop. Since i don't own any boots so i just prefer my Lace-up Ballerina shoes from Zalora TH

3. Third look of her is a bit girly, this outfit is best for Sunday dress. You know! Sunday is going to church, family day and etc. so you need to dress up more. 

I'm not exactly sure where she get her semi-off shoulder white dress but i know that it's definitely branded. For mine, I'm lucky enough that Zalora TH sent me a dress that looks like hers but in different color. But it's totally alright since gray is my new fave now.

4. Dress down shirt is very popular nowadays, and it's not that complicated that's why i love this look, my number four outfit get the look from hers.

Again I'm not sure where she get her Blue Dress down shirt and her white sneakers. While mine i get the same outfit from F&F TH and for my white wedge shoes from Robertos. 

5. And lastly but not the least her fur top which amaze me the most because i'm a fan of faux fur. They are very comfy and so elegant. 

She got her Fur Blouse from Stylemoi i'm not quite sure if it is faux or not. Her jeans is from Topshop. While mine, i got from Zalora TH, it's a faux fur, i cannot find the same color like Camille Co. My jeans is from Levis TH and my shoes is from Robertos.

And that's were all my top 5 get the look edition of Camille Co. Hope you like it and hope you'll get inspired that price tags doesn't matter sometimes it's about comfort over style.  If you want to get me another get the look from a celebrity or blogger or anyone just let me know by commenting down below. Hope you like it loves. 


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