Showing a little bit of Skin

If you are thinking what’s the best Off-Shoulder to buy? Well I do feel the same way. There are so many kinds and styles especially colors of off-shoulder. But I’m not planning to buy a dozen of them, I just wanted a one off-shoulder that will be fit to all my outfits and I can wear every day and everywhere. Hard decision isn’t it?

Off-shoulder is one of the new trends now a days, and I’ve seen a lot of people wearing off-shoulder, but finding the right one is so difficult, so I’ve done my research with my favorite Fashion Bloggers OhhCouture , Aimee Song and Dani Song, these foreign fashion bloggers loves to wear off-shoulder especially Dani Song, on her Instagram feed, she wore a lot of different kinds off-shoulder. In Philippines, I noticed one fashion blogger who always wore off-shoulder and that is Lisa Kahayon. So I’ve decided, why not choose the White Off-shoulder with a stylish and unique design. White goes everywhere and anytime. 

I found this beautiful White Off- shoulder at Nutsistore it’s a Thailand Online Fashion Boutique, she sells unique and pretty clothes, when I saw this white off-shoulder in her Instagram feed. I have no doubts at all and order this one. 

White Off-shoulder is perfect in all kinds of weather, especially the summery weather that it’s very hot, and white and cool colors can help to freshen up the feeling. How about you? What kind of Off-shoulders do you love?

White Off - Shoulder from NutsiStore
Cullotes from a boutique
Sandal from Zalora TH
Sling Purse from F&F TH


P.S You can shop the same pretty outfit for every budget below! Just click the photo for the direct link. You can also use my discount code for Zalora PH ( ZBAPZFLQ ) and Zalora TH (ZBAP176J ), I also included Asos that ships worldwide. So worry no more where ever you are.

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