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Travelling and discovering new adventures is my kind of thing, but lately I've been stuck with work and I have no choice. I know you’ll say “If there’s a will there’s a way” Trust me I did tried. But anyways it doesn’t stop me from planning my future vacations or short excursions once in a while. That’s why I always prepared ahead of time my travel Essentials. 

I already shared with you loves my travel essentials before, but the world is changing so does I.  Also before I traveled to new places I always make sure to find accommodation that suites my style, comfort and budget. Good to know that Homeaway   is always on assistance for tourist to find accommodations to any places not just hotels but a home that you can stay during vacation. It’s a great feeling that even you are in a foreign country or new found place, I still feel home and safe when Homeaway makes sure that I never got away with my hometown.  Anyways, aside from accommodations I always make sure to prepare my travel essentials before I travel. 

1. Sunblock

Sunblock is a must, especially if you are travelling to always Summer place like Asia, we should always protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. i need at least SPF 25 sunblock for my body and face, the sun is so beautiful but i don't like getting sunburns. I still need to protect my skin.

2. Phone and earphones

I’m a music lover even though I don’t have a golden voice. Music makes my body and mind calm especially for a long hours travel. Listening to music makes my day alive and fun.

3. Skincare Products in travel size

These is totally a must especially in airplanes,, skin can be dehydrated inside the plane because of low humidity. That’s why we always make sure that when we landed, our skin is fresh and healthy. Who doesn’t want healthy smooth and fresh skin?

4. Camera

I always love photography, street style, portrait, landscape, and any kind of photography. Pictures are my memories of such a great experience. I love to take pictures to any kind of things, places and adventure. I never go travelling without my camera.

5. Scarf

Scarf is very useful in travelling it will protect me from any kinds of weather problem, too much hot or too much cold I can deal with it with my scarf and I can snuggle it in my entire travel. I usually love to bring a sheer scarf.

And that were all my updated Travel Essentials, how about you? Hope you get inspired with my travel post today and if you're looking for some more vacation ideas HomeAway has some great tips. Do you have your travel essentials? Share your thoughts by commenting below, I’d love to read your comments. Happy traveling everyone!! Xoxo.


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