REVIEW: Innisfree Super Volvanic Pore Clay Mask

Skincare!!!!!!!!!!! I’m totally obsessed in taking care of my skin, though I don’t have a perfect skin but at least they are well taken care of. I have this routine to go for Facial Spa at least once in a month, and every once a week I do my own Skincare home Spa. I don’t want to spent every once a week a ton of money to go to spa, that’s a lot of money. Taking care of my skin doesn’t need for me to spend a lot. I have my ways and solution.  That’s why facial mask, facial scrub and exfoliate cream is a must for my Skincare collections, they are my savior every once a week. 

I’m a fan of Korean products; I know I said it a million times, but I just want to remind you loves maybe you forgot. LOL! And I discover this amazing Innisfree Super Volcanic pore clay mask and when I did my own research about it, well there’s a lot of Youtubers and bloggers who are using this pore clay mask and it really has a good effect to skin. I don’t have any doubts on buying it because as I’ve known Korean products are 99% organic and free from alcohol base or at least a little bit of alcohol base. So I order my very own first Innisfree Super Volcanic pore clay mask from Innisfre.cnx they are my trusted sellers when it comes to Innisfree products. I already bought twice from them and they never failed me in terms of service and delivery, good job guys!

So let’s go back to my Innisfree Super Volcanic pore clay mask review, I ordered the pore clay mask from Innisfree.cnx, the shipment to my area took 3 days, it’s the minimum shipment days actually. 

And finally the pore clay mask is already in my own hands, let’s start with the smell. It smells like a herbal plant, it's not a sweet smell but it doesn't smell bad actually.

The texture of the product is not sticky or watery, it's a thick gray clay. So, let’s give it a try to my face. I place a small amount into my clean face, clean meaning I already washed my face and ready to be pampered.It's actually hard to put it in my face using my fingers because it's so thick and non-sticky. Maybe better use a brush and brush it into the face. 

And I waited for  15 minutes, as the minute passed by i noticed that the pore clay mask becomes tighten and hard to my face. It also become cooler and cooler. While waiting I usually watched movies or check my blog and Instagram, just to kill the time.

After 15 minutes, i wash my face and i still feel the cool effect after i washed.

And now here's my verdict with the product after washing my face i feel my skin become smooth, clean and tight. Though i can't feel that my dead skins are remove because i couldn't feel any beds when i apply the product in my face. Beds can help to remove dead skin cells to our face. But when i applied a toner with a cotton in my face the cotton didn't turn brown, maybe the dead skin cells were remove, i'm not quite sure but when i saw my face in the mirror i totally glow, how amazing is that?

And that were all my review with Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, i hope loves that it inspires you. Are you a fan of Korean products? What is your favorite Korean products? Just comment below and I'll be happy to read it. Don't forget to follow me in my Instagram loves just click HERE.


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