Life Update 2016

Hey all!!! Every time I write or hear myself greeting everyone “hey all” I hear Zanita in my head when she says “hey yall”, well this post today doesn’t relate with greetings. This post for today is all about sharing with you loves what’s going on with my life now! I know you don’t care, so maybe just read all through the end you might get inspired.

Last two years was actually not my years at all, I’ve been hopping form one job to another while staying here in Thailand, I’m so miserable. I almost give up, but there is someone who inspired me a lot and to keep on holding on with Thailand, eeeeeeeeeeettt! Etttt!! So anyway, I list down all the things that had happened to me this year cuz I really felt that this is totally my year.

1. I’ve got a job, in a 5 star hotel, I love my work though sometimes it’s stressful. I think there is no job that is not stressful it depends on how you overcome it. I love the environment and the people around me. I can make jokes with my managers and they are so easy to be with.

2. Finally! I have a work permit and visa again, I’ve been in an out of Thailand, and so stressed and depressed because of no proper visa, but finally I got it! Thanks Lord.

3. My blog is going well, the pictures in my blog are getting better, I love how my visitors make an effort to at least make comments in my blog. I really appreciate it loves from the bottom of my heart. And my Instagram followers is growing, though sometimes I am tempt to try those “buying followers” but I decided to work my Instagram in my own, those people who follow me means they like my work. So no need for fakes.

4. My relationship with my boyfriend is getting stronger, we are almost 2 years and counting. Time flies so fast. We had a lot of difficulties that we both overcome, too many trials that we both survived. True Love exists if you just know how to fight for it and take good care of it.

5. My fashion style is changing, I've notice that I'm always wearing minimal clothes nowadays but still edgy and boho. But my color options change to neutrals, to nudes to grays to pastel colors. I'm totally in love right now with nude pinks and any pastel colors. They are not too much neither too less. Like what i wear in this post, a Gray bodycon dress with a front slit, and I paired it with a denim. To look more edgy i wear a white shoes that makes my total outfit more neutrals. 

What do you think about my outfit? How about you, what life changing happen to you this year? I'd love to hear it loves just comment or share it below. And remember to always be positive in life, don't loose hope cuz there's always a sunshine after a rain, or shall i say the world is round your not always on the bottom. 

Gray Bodycon dress from AN Fashion Outlet
Denim Cover-up from Bershka
White wedge shoes from Robertos Boutique
Necklace from H&M TH

               - Cinderella movie

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