Drugstore Make-up Everyday Look

Hey loves! How are you today? I hope everything is pretty well. Speaking of pretty! I am inspired to do my first ever make-up tutorial today, TAKE NOTE! Don’t expect too much, as it is my first to share with you loves. Anyways, I love wearing make-up since I was in elementary days until now, I always adore those people who know how to apply make-up and turn their face into something pretty. I’m not a pro here, but I learned some few tips and basics just watching alone in Youtube. And for my make-up tutorial today I want to share with you my everyday make-up look inspired by Kylie Jenner. Whoa!!!!!!

First things first, I would like to inform you loves that the make-ups I used in this tutorial are Drugstore make-ups. So it’s a bit challenging for me to recreate a look of Kylie Jenner, I hope I get her look right or perhaps a little bit the same with her. I bought my new babies (drugstore make-ups) from Pattaya Beauty Mall , they are just newly opened and the place is quite big enough, full of cosmetics and skincare to hair-care to any kind of beauty products it’s like a haul of awesomeness. 

Super BB Mineral Guard Filter by Maybelline
Clear Smooth All in one Concealer by Maybelline
Mineral Loose Powder by Gino McCray
Shading and Highlight Powder by Cute Press
Contour Powder by Kiss Beauty
Sexy shadows by Sivanna Colors
Shimmery shadow by Maybelline
Eye Brow Powder by Mivagirl
Hyper Curl Volume Express by Maybelline
Jazzy Natural Beige lipstick by Maybelline
Just Peachy lipstick by Wet n Wild
Milan Lipstick by NYX

And that is my make-up tutorial using my drugstore make-up, I hope you like it loves Remember!! I'm not professional and don’t forget to follow me in my Instagram click HERE. What do you think with my everyday look inspired by Kylie Jenner? Did I get it right? LOL! 


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