DIY: Pom-pom Sandals

Trendy Alert!!!. Have you heard or seen a colorful pompom sandals? It’s actually very trendy nowadays even popular celebrities and bloggers can’t get enough with them. Who could not resist? There are so cute, fun and colorful. I’ve seen a lot of stores online and boutique selling this Pom Pom sandals but geez!!! There are out of my budget. But, if there’s a will there’s a way. So I made my own DIY Pom Pom Sandals and I want to share it with you loves.

Things I needed:

Hot Glue gun

How to:

1. Make a plan how your pom-pom sandals going to be look like, you can wear the sandals and mark a point of the straps with your pen or colored pen where your pom-poms is  going to be attached.

2. Once you decide where to place your pom-poms, use the hot glue to attached the pom-poms and also use a needle and thread to some pom-poms to make it more bouncy and fabulous.

3. Do the same procedure with your charms and thread.

4. Once you finished attaching everything, try it on and see if you feel satisfied with your creations and ready for #Instashoefie

And that's my DIY pom-pom sandal, what do you think? Are they amazing and cute? I can’t take my eyes of them they are so lovely. You can also see my video in this DIY project below. 

Sandal from The Happiest Shoes


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