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If you are an active Fashion Blogger you already know that Pink wall is a must now for Blogger OOTD photos. If you don’t know maybe make an extra effort to observe your surroundings!!! I’m I too frank on the first few lines? Hehe I’m just kidding! Or you might not get my sense of humor here. Anyways I am so excited to share with you loves my current observation this past few months, Pink Wall.

I’ve always seen Fashion Blogger from newbie to famous one use a pink wall to take photos for their outfits, it’s like all fashion blogger posted in Instagram their amazing macaroons. What’s with the pink anyways? Pink actually attracts or caught the attention of readers it’s too bright and positive. When a reader is browsing a pictures in Instagram or any site when they see massive colors of pink they surely get curious and open that link or picture. 

So, I also searched my own Pink Wall OOTD, it’s really hard to find a pink wall here in the place where I lived, suddenly I found this abandoned place with a lot of colorful walls including pink and the good thing is it’s so close to my work place. I always have the eye for lovely walls. 

For my outfit, I love my new colorful flowery cardigan it is so perfect for unpredictable weather. What I love about this cardigan is it’s so flowy it’s not hug-gable to my body so I can easily move. I love the color combinations of flower petals on it, it’s not too bright nor too less. Then, I paired it with a gray turtle neck and a denim shorts with my Pom-pom Sandals. By the way my pom-pom sandals are DIY so if you want to know how I make it? just click HERE

And that is my story of how I found this amazing pink wall, how about you? Do you have any photos with pink wall? Where did you find it? Share it with me and I’ll be happy to read it. 

Cardigan from dbselected
Gray turtle neck from Dress by Kim
Denim Shorts from a boutique
Lace-up Sandal (without the pom-poms and charms) from The Happiest Shoes


P.S You can shop those pretty cardigan outfit for every budget below! Just click the photo for the direct link.

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