Skincare June Haul

Hi Loves, I am so excited to share with you my new found skincare babies, I know I haven’t updated my skincare haul on the month of May. It’s just been so crazy lately, I will not spare the details anymore. So, back to my June Skincare Haul, for my first time visitor here, you might say “It’s already July girl, why are you talking about June?” actually I shared my skincare haul when the month ended so I can give a personal and thorough review in the products. So I will not tell lies in here.

Too much for babbling, now here’s my Skincare Haul for the month of June. (Insert emoji winking here)

1. Clairol Herbal Essences Conditioner

The last few days I’ve been experiencing hair fall, and it scares me a lot, you know I’m very imaginative sometimes I go beyond. I don’t know why I’m experiencing this kind of hair problems maybe stress, hereditary or the hair products itself that I’ve been using. So while I’m having my groceries, I found this Clairol Herbal Essences Conditioner on the rack, and it caught my attention because the name itself “herbal” it might help to lessen my hair problem. After a month of using it, I notice that my hair fall is not that much, true!. And I love the smell of the conditioner by the way. It also have a camellia essence to make my hair strong. 

I’m not aiming to have a white skin or pearly skin, I know that I will never have that because of my daily activities, but my goal is to have a healthy, smooth and bright skin. That’s why I always make sure that my facial scrub have a very useful benefits. And I discover Neutrogena Deep Clean, let’s start with the texture it’s like a wet gel that has beds on it which I really love. Beds really helps to clean and as what the product says “deep clean” my skin. After cleansing my face with Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Mulberry Foaming Scrub, my face skin is so soft and refreshing I felt that some of my make-up residue and dirt are totally removed. 

I’ll just say I’m not getting younger by age, LOL and there’s no stopping if wrinkles or sign of ageing are starting to be visible. That’s why as early as 20s I need to make extra care of my skin this is to so slow down the visibility of any sign of ageing. And I love how Olay really understand women like me. It’s so cool that it one facial cleanser it can fight 7 signs of aging, after using Olay Total effects every day I notice that my skin is brighten, soft and I haven’t seen any lines near my eyes. 

Oh em geee!! This is the best deal I bought ever, aside from it’s very cheap when I bought, it comes with a set. Usually moisturizer or emulsion are very expensive, but when I did my grocery I’m totally surprised that Nivea moisturizer day and night, price drops down how cool is that? Let’s go back to my review, the texture is a little bit sticky and when I applied it to my face it absorbs in my face very fast. Day pore minimiser moisturizer is so soft in my face and its lightweight I love the after effect when I applied it I felt the cool effect on it. Night pore minimiser is also amazing it also absorbs in my face easily and it’s lightweight. When I woke up in the morning I love how soft my skin is, it’s not greasy or oily.

  I actually did a complete review on this in my previous post just click HERE. For my short summary of Innisfree Pore Clay Mask, it works wonder. I love the cooling effect when I applied it and stay for 15 minutes. Though the longer the Mask in the container it becomes hard, so I need to make my finger or brush a little bit wet so I can easily take out the products in the container.

And that’s it! My Skincare Haul for the month of June, it’s very important for me to take extra care and super care with my skin, because it’s the only asset I have LOL! Anyways loves thanks for dropping by in my blog and don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions, suggestions or reactions. I’d love to read it loves it makes my heart so happy. 


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