How to Pack for 3D2N vacation

Ohemgeee! Loves for a very long time, I am happy to share with you that I’m going to Vietnam next week!!! Isn’t amazing? It’s only a short vacation but I will make sure that every second are worth it. So anyway, in relation to my upcoming travel and adventure I would like to share with you loves on how to pack for a very short vacation like 3 Days and 2 Nights.

Most trips are only 3 days and 2 nights, some of them are very short vacation with family visitation or perhaps business trips. And during this vacation it’s not necessary to bring your entire closet, what’s the use of it if you have only limited days, or perhaps you want to extend more weeks maybe you could. But for me I only have 3 days and 2 nights to experience the adventures in Vietnam so I would like to share with you how I pack for 3 days and 2 nights. 

For all the things that I’m bringing I prefer to use a backpack, reasons is that I can easily move, I can carry it whereever I go even to narrow places and I will only stay 3D2N so no need for luggage 

1. I always pack first my clothes that I will be wearing there, and also my sleeping wear. I will roll them up so I can save space in my backpack and place them first.

2.For my undergarments, I prefer to put them in a small bag to be more organized and to be safe. You know, there are times in airport that they will really get out all your things inside your bag and it’s so shameful if they will see your undergarments though my undergarments are sexy and cute but I’m more a bit conservative LOL!

3. Next thing that I will pack are my accessories, they are my fashion essentials. In order for them not to be misplaced I place them in a small pouch. So I can easily grab and put back in the pouch. 

4. Fourth, are my skincare babies, I can’t leave without them. They are my life. Anyways for my skincare I always put them in a travel size bottles. Since, there’s a strict policy limit of product size you need to bring in the airport, so I need to secure them. And I will place them in another small pouch, again to keep them organize. I’m an organize person.

5. I will never forget to pack my basic make-ups they put life to my pale skin. I need blush or lush. So I will secure them in a small pouch so they will not be misplaced. 

6. Next is my flats, I don’t have any plans to bring heels or tons of sandals in my upcoming trip, since I know that we will be walking and running and walking around the city, it’s totally useless. But when my vacation has a romantic dinner probably I will bring my sandal but there’s not, so no need to bring those. Remember to bring only the necessary things.

7. And the other things that I will put in my backpack are my camera, tablet, charger and power bank.

Aside from my backpack I will surely bring a one sling purse, you don’t expect me to carry my backpack for 3 days and 2 nights roaming around the city, don’t you? A basic sling purse is very essential for me like this brown sling purse that will totally be paired in any kind of outfits. So, inside this sling I will place my very important document, my passport and a pen. You need to bring a pen because 100% there is some documents that you will fill-in in the airport and for sure some desk don’t have enough pen it’s better to be ready than to be late with your flight. I will also place my phone, headset ,wallet and sunny.

And that’s how I pack my things for 3D2N, isn’t it very essential and basic. When you are reading it from top to bottom you will notice that I like to organize things and keeping them apart. You get what I mean? It’s very safe and easy if you organize your things so you know where to look at them. So what do you think? If you are in Vietnam or you’ve been to Vietnam? What place do you recommend for me to visit? I’m so excited to read it and discover it.


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