Apple Through The Looking Glass

Living in a foreign country is very hard, especially if you don’t know anyone. But living here in Thailand for almost 3 years, I found a Thai friend recently and we’ve been friends for 6 months already. Our friendship is not the awkward kind of relationship, I mean she knows what I am, what I want and she knows how to laugh in my non-sense jokes ( poor me). Her name is Apple, she celebrated her birthday last month and I want to share my blog post today all the photos I took from her.

It’s supposed to be a one of a kind photo shoot with all the outfits and locations, but unfortunately we are both working in the same place and opposite time so we cannot arrange an ideal time and place for a grand photo shoot, so we just did the simple ones.  The photos were taken by yours truly and edited by yours truly, first of all, I’m not professional, I’m learning to get there LOL so excuse my photos.

I hope you like my creative shoot, I'm planning to enhance my passion and do more creative shoot in the near future. What do you think about my photos? Your comments will be highly appreciated.


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