Get The Look x Dani Song

Horraay for today!!. I made it for my second post for “Get the Look Edition”!!! If it’s just a video I already put some sound effects of drum roll, soon I’m planning to connect with you loves in YouTube. I’m just preparing for a lot of things. Anyways, for my Get the Look post for the month I decided to be inspired in the style of Dani Song. 

Some of you might know her but some of you “???????????????????” like you might say in my face who is she? Well, she is a famous fashion and style blogger, she is the sister of Aimee Song. Dani is one my favorite style blogger, I like her style it’s not too feminine it’s a boyish and edgy look. She is very creative with her accessories totally love her. So I decided to get some of her looks in her Instagram.

1. First look is her Gray maxi dress with a khaki Cover-up.

As I’ve said in my previous post  I’m starting to dress pastel colors, nude pinks and gray. I love this outfit of hers because it’s gray and edgy. Her Gray maxi dress is from ArtDeptClothing and I'm not quite sure where she get her khaki jacket. I can’t find a long length of maxi dress like hers, what I bought is a gray one but the length is only on the knee. But, what I love with this maxi dress is the fabric, I love the cottony feeling. I bought my maxi dress from Royal Garden Plaza.  And my khaki cover-up, is from a night market whenI was in Laos. For the white shoes I used my own White wedge from Robertos. 

2. Second look is her super fresh and white ootd.

Dani Song dress bohemian chic sometimes and she always kick it!, I mean all her bohemian style are stunning and gorgeous. Like this outfit of hers, it’s a simple white shorts and a white bohemian top. I’m also a fan of bohemian style. I am not also sure where she get her Bohemian top and her white shorts and lastly her shoes. I get a bit the same Bohemian Top in a Boutique and my white shorts is from F&F Thailand and as usual my white wedge shoes are from Robertos. 

3. Third look is her fun and colorful cover-up outfit.

Dani Song usually dress up with cover-up sometimes she wears sheer cover-up and thick cover-up maybe because of the weather. But I love the way she styles her cover-up because it’s so unique and not boring like this one. I don’t have a sheer cover-up that’s why I got so lucky to see this amazing cover up from DBselected and my white shirt is from F&F Thailand and also my white shorts.

4. All Black

I noticed that Dani love to wear dark colors and i immediately love one of her all black outfit. I got my Lace-up black top from New Brand and my black shorts is from Bench

And that were all my Five Get the Looks of Dani Song, What do you think? I hope you like it and if you have any influencer or actors you want me to get their look just comment below loves I’ll be happy to do it. Till my next Get The Looks Edition. For more ootd inspirations you can follow me in my Instagram Annactub.

                --Anna Delo Russo

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