Not Any Ordinary Day

Hello September and hello world, it’s the first month of “ber” season and Christmas is fast approaching, but before the big event I’m so excited for my upcoming birthday. Yeah!!! I’m getting old but young at heart and I guess physical appearance too. (wink**). Anyways, I would like to share with you loves my outfit for today, it’s actually a very nice casual outfit when you go out with your friends or boyfriend or family.

Nude colors are so trendy right now, thanks to Kardashian family and Kylie Jenner. When you say nude colors they always come in my mind first. And I think everybody loves nude colors including me. Going out with friends or your special someone in a casual outfit and you want to look sexy but ladylike I highly recommend this style.

It’s simple, not too much but so sexy and ladylike. It’s nice to portray yourself in a very simple but sophisticated and classy look. I’m not into skirt or any kinds of skirt but boy! Sometimes I want to wear this fitted skirt because it brings out the best in me, I love the length not too short and it defines my figure (I don’t have the sexy figure, I know) but I know how to carry it. LOL

Always remember to wear clothes that fits to the occasion, I mean no need to dress with sparkles if you are only going to the groceries, Am I right? But also remember to play with your imagination, it brings out confidence if you dress well. 

What do you think of my Casual outfit in ordinary days? Do you also love Nude colors? Don’t forget to comment below and I’ll be happy to read it loves. 

Nude Top from Boutique
Skirt is a gift from a friend
Lace-up sandal from The Happiest Shoes


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