Travel Diary: Ho Chi Minh City Part 2

Welcome to my Part 2 excursion at Saigon, Vietnam or the Ho Chi Minh City. If you haven’t read my Part 1 excursion you can click HERE. My 2nd Day in Vietnam is a bit adventurous as we only walk to go to popular tourist spot, I mean we never took a taxi during our stay in Vietnam, I must say the Taxi is quite expensive. And we don’t have internet because we didn't bought a SIM, we only rely on the paper map. 

Me and my boyfriend woke up very early because we are going to walk for a hundreds of minutes going to Reunification Palace or known as the Independence Palace. We paid 30,000 VND each to go inside the palace. The Place is a bit the same with the Philippines MalacaƱang, though I haven’t been in MalacaƱang but as what I’ve seen in the pictures it’s quite the same in the outside. There are so many tourists inside we roam around the place and I was amazed how traditional they are.

After, exploring the Palace we went to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral its a few minutes away from the Palace, again we walked. There is a mass going on that day so we only saw the Cathedral from the outside.

Beside the Cathedral is the Post Office, I am amaze how big and pretty it is in the inside, it looks like I’m in London Post Office.

 In the afternoon, we book another excursion to the Cu Chi Tunnel, the agency was recommended by the receptionist who takes good care with us at the hotel. Going there is a long drive again it took 1 hour and 30 minutes. Before we arrived at the Cu Chi Tunnel we had a short stop at this factory along the way where they produce ceramics painting using eggshells and not water color or paint colors. I am totally impressed how artistic they are. 

It's made from eggshell, not so ordinary.

We continue our journey to the Cu Chi Tunnels and we finally arrived there, Cu Chi tunnels is a very large place according to our tour guide it’s the place where the Vietnamese soldier fought in the war between the Americans. And how good their strategies in winning the battle against the American. They   built tunnels where they hide their weapons and grenades, they also set-up traps and even they make tunnels so where they can sleep, eat and hide.

One of the traps, the Vietnamese made during the war

This is a small hole where the Vietnamese soldiers are hiding, it's very small.

One of the Tunnel holes underground 

A replica of Vietnamese Soldiers way back before

It's a small hole where the Vietnamese use so that the air will go inside their tunnels

A replica of Vietnamese soldiers making their own weapons for the war

We also tried to crawl and go inside the tunnels, it's totally small and for slim people, LOL

 And that were all our trips and excursion in Saigon or Ho Chi Minh I totally love the place all streets and shops are Instagram worthy, they are so pretty. What do you think about my travel in Vietnam?


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