The Story behind the Scarf

Hi guys! It’s been a decade, it’s me again with all my excuses and reasons and writing how long I haven’t updated my blog, but good news I will not go that way. I really push myself to shoot this outfits because It deserves to be exposed especially my new Pink and White Scarf!

Last month, was my birthday month and it’s very simple and it feels like it’s just any ordinary day in my entire birthdays. I never expected that coming since I already planned everything from hotel overnight or dinner in my favorite hotel to watching a Cabaret Show. I guess it’s true what others says, when you plan something it will never happen it will stay just a “plan”. 

The reasons for this sad birthday celebration is that I’m working night shift, I actually requested a day –off and it was approved but things happen, something came up and we didn’t push through our plans.  I felt bad about it anyways but what can I do, I cannot prioritize myself over a very important matter. Anyways it’s getting sad in here, so let’s fast forward with the good stuff. Even though my plans didn’t happen, my Thai Friend “P’Aor” make sure that my birthday is still special, I was so surprise when she hand me a gift, a Beautiful knitted Scarf. 

She made the scarf by her own with my favorite color baby pink, it is so pretty and comfy. I can totally fall asleep just by wearing it, it feels like I have a pillow around my neck. I never thought that she will really give  me a gift on my birthday, since we also planned for a dinner with our other friends but because our schedules are very opposite it didn’t happen.

I am just so happy that even my birthday is just an ordinary day, someone make it special for me. And I love how thoughtful she is, because she really make it by her own.

Have you experienced that feeling? When you expected something but it didn’t happen? What did you do to overcome the feeling? I’d love to learn from you loves, just comment below and I’ll be happy to read it. Until my next blog post, don’t forget to follow me in Instagram click HERE, and loves I already have a Twitter. Just starting my Twitter circle, I never thought that I will be having a Twitter since I told myself that I don’t like Twitter, but anyways follow me in Twitter guyz just click HERE.

Polo Shirt from AIIZ TH
Denim dress from F&F TH
Lace-up Ballerina from Zalora TH
Pink and White knitted scarf gift from a friend


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