Top 5 Frustrations of a Newbie Blogger

Hey loves! This post for today is a bit different, since I am starting to write seriously about anything that makes you guys learn out of me. I’m not quite sure if you are learning from my past blog post. Cuz’ honestly speaking I can only count in my fingers the blogs that I really read, and others I just look at the photos, so I totally understand you loves LOL!  

Moving on! I just visited a blog of a famous blogger in Philippines, and while reading one of her post I was very impressed how dedicated she is in her writing. So I decided I should change my writing style, I should be dedicated on my writing and not just post my outfit photos and talk about the outfit. If I’m the reader, it’s kind of boring sometimes. 

Anyways, this post is not all about my frustrations in my own writing style, but the top 5 frustrations of a newbie blogger and I know some of it you can relate.

1. Equipment’s to shoot photos

This is really my number 1 #bloggerproblems when I was just starting, I don’t have a camera like those bad ass camera, I only have my Tablet and my phone to take my OOTD photos. During that time, I don’t have a stable job yet and plus I’m currently staying in a foreign country, so I need to budget all the money I had. Well, I ain’t no rich kid here, so the only hope I got is my Tablet. It’s so funny when I remember those days, because I need to pile up boxes upright and put something at the top to hold my Tablet and start the timer and pose, well sometimes before my Tab shot it falls down, luckily it didn’t broke apart.

2. Taking Photos alone

A lot of my friends and people asking me that I am so lucky to have a boyfriend who take good shots of my photos in Instagram or someone asking me who took your photos? Hepp!..hepppp! hep! I’m sorry to break your opinion but it’s still me who take photos of my own. Sounds confusing? Well it’s not, I have my tripod to take my photos I just set my camera to timer and run fast and pose and smile. It’s actually hard sometimes because the photos are blurr or not focusing on you, or sometimes you are not in the picture LOL. I don’t have a budget to hire a photographer or nanny, my friends are working my boyfriend annoys me in my passion LOL! So who can I run for? Myself. 

3.It’s all about location

I totally envy those blogger who have pretty and great background. During my first year I only took my photos inside my apartment, since I am only using a Tablet if I am going to shoot outside its hard, plus I’m alone. But later on when I already have a camera, I am still struggling to find locations even now, a place with nice background not much people passing by and free for taking photos. I felt awkward sometimes if I took photos in a public area with my tripod, people staring at me, or even ask me, what are you doing and blah..blahhh blah. 

4. Schedule of Taking Photos

I’m actually not a full time blogger, I do have a full time work and I still keep my blog running the key is balance. But finding the right time and day to take photos is also hard, in a week I only have 1 day-off. So on that day I need to shoot at least 2 -3 outfit photos or blog post photos. It’s frustrating sometimes because I feel lazy to do my shoots or it’s raining outside, Gosh! I only have one day in a week to be productive, but sometimes it fails. 

5. Out of Clothes

Running out of clothes to wear for Blog ootd is a very stressful thing to deal with, especially if you don’t have enough budget to buy a new one. I actually experience this every month, I am not rich guyz, and I work my ass off to buy my “luho” (material things). But sometimes if I don’t have enough money I used my imaginations to make a new clothes out of my wardrobe. You know mix and match and layering. It helps you know!

And that are all my Top 5 Frustrations as a Newbie Blogger! As you can see I am not perfect loves, you might see in my Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook that my photos or tweets are so candy colorful, fancy and mouthwatering foods but there’s a trick on that. If you want to learn how I plan, do, or edit my Instagram photos without spending a lot? Comment below and I will be happy to share it with you loves. Till my next blog post. 

Crop top underneath from a boutique
Off-shoulder from Nutsistore
Pants from F&F TH
Pumps from Lazada TH

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