How to Avoid Panic Buying

Hey loves, Christmas Season is on its way now and for sure there’s a lot of Sales around the area from high-end brands to local brands. Gosh! This is kinda challenging for all of us it’s like “may the best shopper wins”. But at the moment, I am not that excited for shopping gifts and everything for Christmas, I am having a panic buying for my upcoming travel back home, when I say home? Its Philippines.

You read it right loves, I am coming back home to Philippines this coming December, and I can’t wait no more. But at this moment of time I am having a “Panic Buying” moments like I need to buy everything before it’s gone. And I realize that it doesn’t seems right to rush everything without any plans what to buy, just buy and buy until my savings runs out. It’s not good actually, and for sure you feel the same way too. 

So for my post today I want to share with you loves on how to Avoid “Panic Buying” you don’t want to be run out of cash just by buying nonsense things, am I right?

1.   Plan what you really want
Everything comes with planning first, everything you do you plan first like what to buy for groceries, your future or even planning what to do on a certain day. I always plan on what to buy, what I needed the most. Grab your pen and paper and start writing the most important thing.

2. Budget everything
If you are #richkid well you can skip this part, but if you are like me who always on the budget and work hard to buy things, you should not skip this part. Budgeting is so important, do not go beyond with your budget, there’s always a way or other choice. For example your budget is only 1000 for your groceries, you should stick to that amount, if your lotion is so expensive and it will go beyond with your total budget then look for another alternative lotion that fits within your budget.


       3. Consider SALES!

I love Sales! Who doesn’t love Sales? But one thing I don’t like about Sales is too much people grabbing and a lot more. But we should consider Sales! Especially this coming Christmas Season for sure there are a lot of Sales! You can save a lot but you need to be patient if you want to survive with this kind of race.

  4. Think before purchasing
I am a shopaholic but I am not sure if I am still consider to be on that level, since I always think first before buying. I always make sure that I don’t get broke when I buy something and I look for other options or other store that sell the same thing but less more expensive you know what I mean? You should think like, “if I will buy it, do I still have a money tomorrow?”

   5. Control Self
The most important thing of buying is to control yourself, there are times when you just go to malls or markets and you see unexpected things and you are tempted to buy even though it’s not in your list. You should control yourself, as what I said think first “if I will buy it, do I still have a money tomorrow?” if the answer is YES! Then go ahead, but if the answer is NO! Then stop and go. There’s no Maybe in this question only Yes or No.

And that were all my Top 5 tips on How to Avoid Panic Buying, I hope you learn something from me loves, it’s my second post of making my blog post more interesting to read, hahahahaha!. If you haven’t read my first blog post that is serious but funny topic click HERE. Do you love shopping? What do you do in order to control with that habit? Just comment below and I will be happy reading all your lovely comments.

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