Restaurant Review x Monster Shrimps

Hello eating buddies, I do believe that every people loves food and so am I, that’s why I’m so excited to share with you loves my experience to a very nice restaurant in Pattaya, Thailand. And actually this is my second visit to this amazing restaurant, Monster Shrimps.

Monster Shrimp is located at Welcome Town Pattaya Klang, Chonburi Thailand. Monster Shrimp is not a very big restaurant but it’s spacious enough for customers to eat freely. The Ambiance is shabby chic rustic style, and I totally love it since it’s my style. Their Menu had been improve, the first time I went there the menu is only in Thai language, and it’s really hard to order since you don’t know what are you ordering. But on my recent visit it is already translated to English as well so no more stress to know what you want in their menu. They don’t have much dish, I think because they focus on their Combo Sea foods, prices? Is totally affordable for only 300.00 THB you can enjoy their Combo 1 Sea Foods. The foods are so mouthwatering and tasty, they offer three kinds of sauces that goes along with your seafood’s. I love visiting restaurant with unique style, and one thing that I like the most is eating by hand, their foods are eaten by hand. I think you can ask for spoon and fork, but where’s the fun in that? Monster Shrimp is a nice restaurant when you want to eat freely and not much people, YOU GOTTA TRY HERE! If you want to see my full experience in Monster Shrimp, just watch my Video below.

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