What to wear on Christmas Eve

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la, la la la la

Tis the season to be jolly

Fa la la la la, la la la la

It’s finally December loves the month of sharing, receiving, being thankful and especially the month of Jolly, in Roman Catholic it’s the birth of Jesus Christ. There’s a lot of good things happening this month and I am so overwhelmed. I am going to celebrate my Christmas and New Year in the Philippines, woooooohhhh!!! I’m so excited to come home.

But before anything else, the most important day in December is the Christmas Eve, half of the population in the world celebrate Christmas, do you celebrate Christmas? Well I do celebrate this season with my family and friends which I cannot wait anymore. So much for this excitement and let’s get back to the real topic.

On Christmas Eve I like to wear special but not fancy because I live in a province and it’s kinda awkward to dress overall and the people around you are staring. So here are my tips on what to wear on Christmas Eve if you also live in a small community like me.

1. Be unique

I didn’t say wear a gown or sexy strip clothes on a Christmas Eve just to be unique what I’m saying is that make a little special upgrade to yourself on that day. There’s nothing wrong to pamper yourself more it’s all about loving yourself more. I live in a province so a lot of people doesn’t seem to understand different sides of style and fashion and sometimes they talk about it in not a good way. That’s why you need to balance everything from the way you really dress up and the people surrounds you. Another example is that if you are going to a Church, you cannot wear short shorts it’s disrespectful. 


If you decided to be unique, then it’s time to experiment. You don’t need to buy new clothes, new stuff and new accessories you can actually use what you have and just try to mix and match or do the layering. I always do this when I want something new but I don’t have extra money to buy one. If I am out of inspirations on what to experiment I always search in Internet of Ootds or browse the pictures of my favorite bloggers in Instagram. It really do helps! And when I found something that’s the time I start mixing and matching my clothes. You should try this you might not know how lucky you are that you buy that clothes that you thought you bought it.

3.Wear that Confident Smile

And when you have the ideas on what to wear be confident of your first choice. What I meant on first choice is that, first choice sometimes are the best we just have a second choice because we are thinking too much that it might not work out or people will judge you. But if you really want it then be sure that you’re confident enough to wear it. Don’t let others be the reason to stop you on what you love to do, to wear or anything that you are passionate about. That makes you unique in a good way and don’t forget to wear that amazing smile.

4. Be inspired

While I’m writing this blog post, I’m honestly out of inspirations but it will not stop me. We are not perfect we are humans so it’s alright if sometimes we don’t have any ideas at all or we are totally block out. That’s why there are people or non-people out there trying to inspire us, and those people are also sometimes out inspirations and they do the same. It’s just a cycle loves so no need to worry. Being inspired makes you see the beauty of the possibilities, you know what I mean? I am always inspired with my favorite bloggers and dreaming someday somehow I will be like them. See? Being inspired will lead you to be a better person. If you are inspired, you will feel so 

5. Thankful

Don’t forget to be thankful of all the things that you received from small to the biggest ones. And also be thankful that you survived all the trials and difficulties in life. I’m getting emotional here! It’s just that when you wear your best of you on Christmas Eve you will really feel being thankful of all the things that you have from the little things to huge ones. 

And that were my Top 5 on what to wear on Christmas Eve. Good news everyone, I am planning to have my first Blog Giveaway and I’m still thinking what would be the best first giveaway I should do. This Giveaway is only for the Philippines, but don’t worry guyz if you are not in Philippines chill out I may also do a giveaway outside Philippines but I’m still on the process of thinking everything.

I hope you like my blogpost today, please comment down below and don’t forget to Subscribe with my mail list so you won’t missed all my beautiful topics. Take care loves and be inspired every day.

Off-Shoulder from Nutsistore
Trouser from a boutique
Ballerina Lace -up From Zalora TH
Accessories from H&M TH and Thanutcha.shop

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