New Year's Resolution 2017

New Year’s Resolution is a traditional act of all the people, if not maybe half of the world. And I also do New Year’s Resolution, last year I think 50% of what I want or plan to do or have or accomplished is successful and 50% of it stay only as a plan. This year I wanted to make a difference and push through.

There’s a lot to be thankful last year that I didn’t expected from coming back to Thailand without any complications, I mean #immigrationproblem. If you are not a Filipino or Filipina, you might not understand what I meant by #immigrationproblem LOL. To having a job at the first month of the year, great Thai friends, material blessings from small to big ones, healthy relationship with boyfie and family and a lot more. I am totally..totally thankful for that! And this year I decided to make changes with my life for the better,I am not getting any younger so now or never.

Here are my top 10 New Year’s Resolution for 2017 (fireworks inserted).

1. Starting to launch IBI Style

OMG! I can’t wait to share with you loves the newest, coolest, and hippies online store in town, IBI Style. I’ve been planning this for a year now and it supposed to be on business on 2015 but unfortunately a lot of things happened, but this year 2017 I will push through to make it happen.

IBI style is short for “It’s Beyond Imaginations” style, yes derive from my blog name. IBI style will be open for business on Summer April and I’m so excited to share with you loves what’s in my collection because it’s totally a hard work to make things happen and special for you. IBI style is not only giving you beautiful pieces, it’s beyond your imaginations from creative photos, ordering to packaging that will really make you feel special. So please follow IBI Style Instagram click HERE, to keep posted and a lot of special things to happen soon.

2. Save for the Future

I admit I am a big spender, I always say “I will start saving my money” but it always end up “I will buy this and start saving tomorrow”. I am really annoyed with my own self, I’m not getting any younger and yet I still don’t have a savings. So this year I will make it happen, I will never know what will my future lies, so I should be prepared. Before I turn 30sh I should not worry anymore what to eat for the next day.

3. Let’s be real, two more Gadgets!

How so weird I am, I just write down in my number 2 list that I will start saving for the future, but I still have plans to buy two more Gadgets! Hahahaha. I actually have a strategy guys that really works for me on how I divide my money from what I need and what I want. I remember my Thai BFF is so curious with me how I did it, I always shop, eat at restaurants and still I have a money for savings. I actually laugh out loud on that day and I feel so proud with myself. If you want to know my tricks? Just comment below and I’ll be happy to share it with you loves. Back to Gadgets, these gadgets are my dreams to own, I am supposed to buy it last year 2016, but I cannot expand more my savings for this two. So hopefully this year 2017 #crossfinger.

4. Healthy Living

This is the hardest part of all my plans in life loves (sad emoji here). I tried to go to gym but it only lasted for a week the next day and next and next no more. I don’t eat vegetables as some of you know, I always eat chicken and meat. I love to eat and also sweets. LOL! Who doesn’t want foods? Anyways this year I will really try extra 10x try to push myself to exercise at least 10 minutes a day and start to eat vegetables at my own choice.  My mother always told me if I will not eat vegetables I will experience difficulty when I get old, gosh! It’s terrifying so let’s start living healthy now guys.

5. Get rid of laziness habit

I’m not lazy at all times, I am a kind of person who lives in a planner and scheduling things. But there comes a time when I feel lazy I totally lost everything. When I feel lazy on a certain day, no matter how important that I should do on that day I will not do it and hoping that tomorrow I still have another chance. That’s me guyz, when laziness hits me, it totally ruins my day and the cost of it is so terrible like I missed my job interview so no more jobs and hunt again. It’s not so easy to find jobs that’s why I will really calm down myself and not let Mr. Lazyness comes my way for important things to do.

6. Travel more

I always have it in my New Year’s resolution list even in my bucket list. I love travelling wherever and whenever, I love to visit places and explore I don’t care if it’s backpacking or luxurious tour as long as I explore and happy. This year I will try and hope that I will get to visit at least two countries, me and my boyfie already had a partial plan where to go on 2017 when our friend invited us to go to this country (secret first, maybe it will not happen). I hope it will happen because you know some plans stay as plan.

7. I need Exposure

When I said exposure I don’t have any plans to audition for an actress, singer or any TV personalities, what I meant is that more exposure as a Blogger. I am totally a 101% passionate on what I do as a Blogger, I don’t want an exposure because I wanted to earn money. The reason for me to have more exposure in the world of advertising and media and the world of bloggers is that I want to be visible for everyone. I work my ass off to create an inspiring thoughts, creative photos and good writings in my blog and I think they deserve to be noticed. And also when you are exposed in this kind of world you got to meet a lot of people that will inspire you more and to improve more on what you love to do.

8. Back to School

I already graduated with a Bachelor degree, what I want is to have at least a certificate or diploma in Interior Design. I planned and research for good school with cheap tuition fee for a six months training in basic interior designing. This is actually my plan 5 years ago and I just don’t have the time and money to go to school I don’t want to ask from my parents because they already did their part to send me to school for almost 7 years, it was a struggle because I change course from one to another. Why Interior? It’s so expensive gurl! Well I love decorating, doing arts, DIY crafts arranging and organizing things. I am so inspired watching those people turns out a house to a resort, you know what I mean? I want to be a flipper, flip houses from ordinary to fabulous. Hoping this year I will get the chance, and by the way guys if you know any school in Mindanao, Philippines let me know just comment below.

9. Continue my passion and improve more

I’ve been blogging for a decade now and I will still continue to share with you loves all inspiring thoughts I have and I will improve more stuff in my blog like my photo editing, and also I’m into YouTube now, so I will work on that. Don’t forget to follow me guys click HERE.

10. Be more happy and Inspired

I cannot forget my life in 2015, it was totally a messed up, struggles and I cried a lot. I experience a whole year of down moment for so many reasons, important reasons. But everything turns out great on 2016 and I am not quite sure anymore in this year 2017. But this year whatever happens I will stay happy and inspired. If something changes maybe it changes for a good reason. Did you know that if you share your inspirations to others you will feel light inside yourself. I’m not sure if you experienced this things, but I did. I am not a very good person I do have sometimes bad attitude, but when I share something good to others I feel like my soul is so happy.

And that were all my 10 New Year’s Resolution, it’s so long loves and I’m so worried you might get bored reading this because I already hit 1548 words. Anyways I hope you also get inspired in my New Year’s Resolution list and don’t lost hope always think that there’s always a tomorrow for better chances. It’s now or never loves!

Sheer top is a gift from sister
White Culottes Pants from a boutique
White Slipper from a boutique 

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