New Year, New Hair

Salon are fully book, queue are very long, and Malls are crowded and so on. These are the dramas during first to second week of January in Philippines. I’m not quite sure if this happens also outside the Philippines but geeez! I am guilty of it LOL!

It’s always been a habit or tradition to Filipinos to get a new look when New Year comes, like hair re-bond, hair color, new hair style, new fashion style or even new beauty surgery enhancement.  Me while on the other hand I always change my hair style every New Year it makes me more confident and I feel it’s a fresh start of new chapter in my crazy and dramatic life.

This year 2017 I decided to keep my hair length and volume, I don’t like to do the re-bonding since I am working in a hotel and always keeping my hair, strict rules. I was planning to dye all my hair but again strict rules, so I decided to try the Ombre hair Color Style. As some of you don’t know what is an Ombre, it’s a hair color at the bottom part of the hair. A lot of Famous Philippine Blogger I saw who are trying this kind of hair color style like Laureen Uy and Camille Co, my faves.

I went to a famous Hair Salon in Pagadian City, Philippines the Rey Cimafranca Salon and there the magic begins. So let me give you a tip loves if you are not yet decided on what to do for your new look.

1.  Research what’s new and what’s hot.

2.  Be practical, if the style fits from your everyday routine then go for it, if not then look for a style that will not be the cause of problem to your personal or working life.

3.  Find a best Hair Salon with good reviews, high recommendation and reasonable price.

4. Ask opinions from others if the style you choose are perfect for you.

5. Be open minded for new ones, sometimes it will help us to be more positive and better.

6. Don’t expect too much from your Stylist, no one is perfect they may not get perfectly what you really wanted.

7. Take a picture of what you really want to portray and show to your stylist so they know what you really expected.

8.  Don’t forget to say Thank you and be happy.

What do you think of my choice loves? Do you like it? I hope so. My color by the way is ash gray but it turns out ash green LOL! and sometimes I styled it with straight or curl. I like messy hair so it doesn’t bothered me if my hair is not that straight.

Hair Salon Rey Cimafranca in Pagadian City, Philippines

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