My Own Experience "Behind the Blog"

I never thought that I’ve been blogging now for almost 5 years and I can say that I grew up as a blogger in a positive way. I also struggle with my blogging life but geeez I survived. People ask me do you get something from it? I honestly don’t get much but the passion to write, take photos and share with you loves keeps me on going. 

By the way loves this is not a Sponsored post, all my thoughts in here are all my personal experience and critics. No one paid me to write something about the item or product. So let’s move on, as you can tell as a blogger we all have our idols or inspirations or person that we look up to, and I’m proud to say that I am one of the followers of the famous Filipina Visayan Blogger, Kryz Uy.

I never meet her yet, but hopefully soon. What I love about her is that she is so sweet and not “maarte” (nitpicky) I guess, her style is a people style, like everyone can wear her style where ever, whenever. And her passion to blog is so inspiring. I actually saw her blogs when she is just starting and I can say I also had that weird photos, selfie photos, grainy pixels and not so good editing. But she actually evolves and her blog looks so amazing right now, I guess everyone started with that. 

Kryz Uy is so successful now in her blogging career and hopefully I can get there too, she had her own bag line, and now she just recently announce her first book that called “Behind the Blog”. I am currently living here in Thailand and there’s no way that I’ll get a copy of her book, good thing that I went back to Philippines last December 2016. Bad news, no copies in National Bookstore, in Cagayan de Oro, “whhhhaaaaaat!!!!!” I felt broken, my high school friends are also coming home and I ask my friend who’s living in Manila to buy me one, but unfortunately she can’t find any “Behind the Blog” book in all National Bookstore in Manila, “giving up moment”. Then I suddenly remember that I also have a friend in Cebu who is going to come home in our province, so I ask my friend the same thing, the good news is my friend found it and now I have Kryz Uy “Behind the Blog” first book.

My hands is literally excited to tear the plastic around the book and open it, “drum roll please”.

1. I love all the pages of the book, it’s so colorful and so many pictures. Pictures are a must in a book for a person like me who is not a fan of reading books.

2. I am never shock that she is a Chinese, because I knew it already since I started following her blog and Social Media Accounts. The thing that her life is quite easy compare for a regular middle class person. You know what I mean? She is studying in a very popular University in Cebu, because she originally live in Cebu, and her family can provide everything for her compare to a person that is studying in a low profile school and need to work after class to buy her needs. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, well she is so lucky to have a beautiful parents.

3. I actually laugh one of her lines in the book “ Diane on the other hand, thought I was a “kawatan” (thief)” I remember my own personal experience with this one, I also have a sister. When we are in College I wore some of her clothes without asking her, and when she saw me wearing her clothes her face looks like she want to kill me LOL!.

4. The Content of the book is interesting and funny, yes indeed. I found myself laughing while reading her book. There are words that she express in a funny way that makes me laugh.

5. The book is literally “bitin” (not enough I want more) I never thought that I will finished reading the book for a day LOL, hopefully Kryz Uy will write a Part 2 version of Behind the Blog because it is really a nice book for an aspiring blogger like me. 

To Kryz Uy, I hope you’re reading these blog post and if you feel like offended in some of own opinions please let me know. I wish you’re not offended! To all bloggers who are just starting keep on doing what you love loves, some people might not understand your passion but don’t mind them it’s not them who are in control of your life it’s you. Keep Chillin’ guyz.

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