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I do admit that my eyes are expose for 12 hours in a day because my work has a lot of computer jobs,  I am also addicted to Instagram and Facebook, and when I’m not working I work with my blog and Vlog. If my eyes can talk they will complaint and slap me in the face, LOL! And recently I just find myself being addicted in to eye wears especially with clear frames and fashionable style. 

Warby Parker is the best brand for buying Sunglasses or Eyeglasses with prescriptions or without. Why? As some of you know I always go to alternative places or shops that offers reasonable price with a nice quality and Warby Parker focuses on that perception. Eye-wears should not be expensive, people in all kinds of status in life should be given the chance to have a proper eye-wear to be efficient in their life.  I’m getting serious in here, LOL! Anyways what I meant is that a lot of people especially those who are in middle class or lower class have a very poor eyesight and they can’t even afford to buy a pair of eye glass because it’s so expensive, good thing that Warby Parker understand the need of the common people. 

And I’m so excited to share with you loves my top favorite Eye-wears from Warby Parker 2017 Spring Collection

Best information of my favorites,

Akulon-coated screws for durability

Lenses made from polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant material for eyeglasses

Anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating included

Made from custom cellulose acetate

Cut from a single sheet of acetate to maintain color parity

Offer 100% UV protection

Frames are hand-polished for three days with a German wax compound before making their way to your eyes

I always love to shop online stores that have a very nice marketing strategy, the one that interest people the most and Warby Parker offers a “Home Try On” Program. This is super cool loves, when I read it in their website I am super amaze, I never encountered this kind of program in any online shop that I visited in the previous days. Home Try on is a kind of program in Warby Parker that let buyers in US try at least 5 kinds of eye-wear in their websites, you will choose, then they will ship to you and you need to return after 5 days, take note! No charge. For more details about it you can click HERE

And if you feel so confuse on what to choose with the 5 free trial eye wears’ you can take a photo then post it in Instagram with a #WarbyHomeTryon the Warby Parker team will help you out which frames is better for you. Isn’t it cool? They are not only selling but they reaching out what’s best for every client. 

There are so much more in Warby Parker, they don’t only sell and interact with the client’s needs but also they help out people in need. My heart were melted when I found out that Warby Parker distributed a pair or eye-wear to someone in need for every buyers purchased. To know more about their charitable program click HERE.

So what are you waiting for? Check out their website at and you might try first their "Home Try-On" before you decide which pair is best for you. Honestly, Warby Parker is a very nice brand because they always think what people will benefit from them, not the other way around. 

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