How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Alone

Happy “Feb-ibig” everyone, it’s a Tagalog word that combines February and love, since February is a month of love. This blog post is not all about bitterness and emotional issue, instead it’s the opposite though my title shout for “Alone”. 

My Facebook feed is all about bitterness this month, why? Some reasons because they are single, no date on 14 February 2017 or they just broke up with their love ones and etc. Why people now a days think that Valentine’s Day is only for partners and lovers? Can we include our family and friends in Valentine’s Day? We should be thankful that our parents, family or friends love us unconditionally and that’s why we need to celebrate it on Valentine’s Day. But this blog post is not all about celebration with other people, it’s all about celebrating alone, take note! It’s not being bitter it’s a real circumstances.

Real situation, you can’t be with your family, friends, partners or crush on Valentine’s Day because

- Your boss sent you to another planet (another country) to attend a seminar or training.
- Your partner is working out of the country (Seaman, Pilot, or Overseas worker and ….)
- You are working out of the country or another faraway place
- You work night shift in a hospitality industry and your manager don’t allow you to take a day-off or     leave because you have a lot of guest or customer.
- Your just simply single and all your friends have a date (it’s not a good thing to be a third wheel on      a Valentine’s Day, seems awkward!)
- And many more.

Real situations and it seems that everyone think that it’s the end of the world because they are alone on 14 of February. Wake up dude! It’s not yet the end of the world it’s just that life has a lot of surprises that you never expected so let’s deal with it, instead of locking yourself in the room and wait till the day of 14th passed by lets go out and celebrate alone. Celebrating alone is not a bad thing, it’s an opportunity to look at yourself more and see what’s going on with your own self and it’s also an opportunity to treat yourself once in a life time. “Hi self, how are you?”. So, I’m so proud and excited to share with you loves my Itinerary on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone.

1. Wake up with a smile and embrace the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day and your alone, you cannot change the fact so deal with it.

2. Go to a nice ambiance coffee shop and order a warm and tasty coffee or if you are not a coffee drinker like me, you can order a delicious frappe or juice. And don’t forget to order that mouthwatering crepe, or any cakes, but I highly recommend crepe. While enjoying your coffee or drinks take time to read and relax, or message your love ones or family a “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

3. Go to a massage place, spa or salon and get that relaxing pampering self-treat. You’ve been working every day and you really need that massage or spa treatment so why not do it. Again enjoy and relax, let loose that stress in your body and mind and aim for peace.

4.  Shop till you drop! But honestly shop but don’t shop till you get broke. Buy that top that you always wanted at the first place or that shoes that you always stop by before you go home and see the price tag if it goes down. Buy it now! Remember it’s your day.

5. Who says eating lunch in a fancy restaurant is not a good choice because it’s full of love birds. Don’t think like that get your ass off and eat at your dream restaurant, who cares if you’re alone. You’re happy and you are celebrating with yourself, can you say No! To a delicious meal?

6. Movies in this day is not a good choice, so go to a place that you will enjoy the most like museums, theme park, comedy shows and any place that has a lot of fun. Or maybe you can try to do activities like buying a ticket to get a ride in a Hot Air balloon, paragliding, biking around a park or any enjoyable activities.

7. And lastly, don’t forget to end your day with a smile not because you conquer the 14 February alone, but because you enjoy being with yourself alone.

Being alone is not a sad thing, people think like that, but honestly is not it’s a huge opportunity to love yourself more. As what others say, Love yourself first so you know how to love others. Am I right? I hope you like my tips and ideas for Valentine’s Day loves and spread some love, and give love to yourself. 

         Happy Valentine’s Day loves!

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