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Honestly speaking, I am not a Professional here but I’m just trying to share with you loves some best tips , ideas and suggestions that’s works for me as a non-pro make-up user that might work also for you. It’s not obligatory to go to a Make-up artist to have a perfect look on your date, just be yourself and improve on what you already have. Basic make-up is the key.

I am not showing you guyz how do I make my basic make-up routine cuz I suck on it as what I have said I am not a professional make-up artist, instead I want to share with you loves what basic make-ups you must have for your upcoming date without spending too much. At the end of the day, it’s not your make-up that will empress your date it’s your personality. 

I do admit that most of my Make-up products are not high-end brands they are drugstore brands and others are Korean products. I love using Korean products because they always go for organic and healthy to skin ingredients. I’m avoiding alcohol base products because it will irritate my skin under the sun, I don’t have a car and I always commute so No..No! to harsh products. It’s so cool to know that Rucy’s Vanity Cosmetics is a Korean Products for both men and women that offers reasonable price. Let’s face it loves being beautiful is too expensive, good thing that Rucy’s Vanity Cosmetics do their best to give a best products for everyone that are affordable even for a students, how amazing is that!

So, let me share with you loves the Top 5 basic make-ups that you must have for your date night and also my personal review for each products. 

1. Pressed Powder Foundation

Looking natural and fresh is somewhat other women prefer they always believe that simple women are the most beautiful, I totally agree with that even though I am in contrast of that in terms of Physical look. But having a Pressed Powder Foundation is not a hindrance to that beliefs hence, it will improve your fresh young looking face. Well, you cannot paint without a canvas right?

- Smells good, no scent at all
- Good for Oily skin, but it cannot totally cover all your blemishes. 
- It is smooth in the face after application
- Estimated 4 hours then re-touch again

2. Eyebrow Pencil

I guess all of women in the world never step outside their doors without filling in their eyebrows, as Filipina would say “Kilay is Life” LOL! Talking face to face with your date the first thing he or she will see is your eyebrows, and I think it’s not cool to have a messy and scattered mini hair in your eyebrows, do you feel me?  I highly recommend a retractable pencil for beginners because it’s totally time consuming those wooden Eyebrow pencil that you need to sharpen every time.

- Easy to use
- It doesn’t feel heavy in Eyebrows

3. Eyeliner

For me, my basic make-up for my eyelid is eyeliner. I am always late at work so I don’t have the time anymore to do those brushing and coloring of my eyelids so Eyeliner is my holy grail. If you want to maintain the simple, young and fresh looking face well stick to eyeliner. It will make the shape of your eyes more glamorous without putting any eye shadow. Trust me!

- Not itchy when you applied it
- It’s not sticky during application, so it’s easy to use
- Color Black is so pigmented, so again no need to wear eye-shadows if you don’t feel wearing them
- Let it dry for a second to avoid smudges

4. Mascara

Even though you want to stay simple and have a basic make-up on your date, let’s face the fact that you want to look unique and shimmering when your date sees you. The answer to that shimmering and glam question look but yet simple is Mascara. Girls with mascara on is so pretty, admit it, even though they don’t put eye-shadows? They really look so pretty with only Mascara. Put a little bit effort on your date night girl!

- Totally not dry when you applied
- No Scent at all
- It can maintain the curl
- It will totally emphasize my lashes but it can’t provide volume

5. Lipstick

The finishing touch to all kinds of make-ups from basic to glam, lipstick. If you feel like not putting colors in your face to your upcoming date, then put some colors to your lips since lips though all the talking.  Avoid to achieve the Zombie look girl! Halloween is finished it’s time for Love-tines.

- No specific Scents
- It doesn’t crack in the lips
- Glossy
- A little bit sticky feeling during     application
- Last 3 hours without eating and drinking,   so you need to re-touch girl!

  Please be reminded ladies that Beauty is how you carry it. There's a lot of Korean Products that you can find in Rucy's Vanity, from make-up, skincare, body care to nail polish just visit their website click HERE. How about you? What is your holy grail make-up?   

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