It's Not too Late for Us

Valentine’s Day is not too late for someone like me who is not available on 14 February. The reason is that I have a work to attend to and off is not an option. But hey! It’s only a date, I can move my own Valentine’s Day after or earlier, so can you.

I celebrated my Valentine’s Day on the 15 of February because I have a work on 14th and for sure no one is allowed to take off on that day plus I work night shift so there’s no way to celebrate that day. It’s kinda depressing a little bit you know when you are expecting things that you already know that it’s not going to happen. A little bit k-drama here!, so let’s move on. So let me share with you loves what you can do before or after Valentine’s Day where all promos and special package is not yet open or already finished.

1. Bring the Fun at the Theme Park

Bring out the child memories in you and play under the sun in those amazing rides in the park. It will totally makes you and your partner enjoy the day, there’s nothing can beat a fun and memorable day with your partner. It will makes you more even closer. I always love to go to Theme Park and enjoy the rides with my partner without thinking anything.

2. Lets do the Cooking Class

I am not sure in your place but here in Thailand, there are so many Thai Cooking Class everywhere for 3 hours you will enjoy cooking plus you will get full of the Thai foods you cooked. I suck at cooking I actually don’t know how to cook, my boyfriend is the only one who does the cooking. Good thing he’s into it! If not maybe he already broken up with me LOL! Anyways cooking is a good thing to do, after a depressing and stressful day of 14th February, you finally got the chance to have a delicious meal with your partner plus you will have fun while preparing it.

3. Operation Relax Stay-cation with Glam

It's the best time to cuddle in bed with your love one, enjoy the pampering massage, cooling off around the pool and eating those delicious foods in Hotel's restaurant. This is a good way to escape from the busy schedule and bring back the love with your partner. 

By the way, Hotel is not for intimation place for lovebirds as everyone telling it in facebook but it's a place to feel relax out from your comfort zone. Who doesn't want to stay in a beautiful Hotel

4. Picnic in front of a screen

Movies are my favorite past time, sometimes it's the cause of my laziness. Anyways, if you don't have any budget to celebrate the Valentines day, you can make your own romantic day. Get ready your TV or laptop, prepare any mat or carpet to sit on, pillows are comfy so don't forget it and snacks. It will be amazing relaxation with your partner.

5. Out of town Love

If you are brave enough and have the full budget, then get out of town with your partner and celebrate the love. Pick a place that both of you have never been and it's a great adventure where the two of you experience for the first time. Get lost in the wilderness and comfort each other, someone told me that couples being stranger in a place makes the relationship even more stronger because they will learn to trust one another and help one another. What do you think?

And that were all my top 5 things you can do before and after the Valentine's Day. A lot of post in my Facebook feed on 14th February are so depressing, like flowers and dates. Well!, the truth is I am just jealous because I am working on that day and i can't celebrate it. Then i just realize that it's just a date, that i can make my own Valentine's Day the most important is you shared it to the person you love. This is too cheesy! but I can't help, Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone!

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