Staycation: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

I do apologize for not being so updated lately with my blog and Instagram and also with my other social media accounts, I am sick. I have a fever and cough and headache and no matter how hard i push to be consistent my body is still weak. Anyways, i know for a fact that the reason of my sickness is stress and lack of time to relax, and I'm still hangover with my previous vacation in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

I know it's been past two moths since my vacation in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines and you would probably say "move on! and get over!". But how could I if I enjoyed a lot my last staycation in Limketkai Luxe Hotel, one of the biggest hotels in Cagayan de Oro City. Limketkai Luxe Hotel is located beside Limketkai shopping mall or in front of MUST University. So, let me share with you some of the shocking information about the hotel that i wished i knew before i booked the room.

1. 50% discount if you are a Government Employee.
2. You can never use the elevator easily to go everywhere in Hotel Premises without scanning your key card inside the elevator(it's actually my first experience)
3. They have a very strong policy with their swimwear attire, 
4. The breakfast buffet is overflowing delicious and satisfying.
5. Staff are very friendly and attentive.

The 50% discount thing, is my regret at all, no one told me actually. My father is a Government Employee, and if i knew? i would probably get the 50% discount. Well, better luck next time so let me share with you loves my experience in my two days and one night in Limketkai Luxe Hotel, see the video below. And don't forget to hit the "Like" button if you like my video or if you want to see more of my travel vlogs don't forget to subscribe. click HERE.

I hope you enjoyed watching my staycation at Limketkai Luxe Hotel with my two special person in life. This past few days while I'm sick I'm always been motivated with the thoughts of "Life is not easy so you need to choose practical decision, but life only comes once so better enjoy it" I hope it will be also your inspirations. Take care loves and be happy.

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