How I Edit my Instagram Photos

I don’t have a million or thousands of followers in Instagram but I am happy that I reached a 1,000++ followers. Wooohhhhhhhh!!! You might have a millions of followers compare to mine and congratulation for that, but it’s a great achievement for me to reached 1,000++ without buying followers. So it only means that people who followed me loves my content or my IG feed. And I honestly love my own IG feed theme, and I get a lot of questions “How do you edit your IG photos?”.

My IG feed really struggle, it’s started from “what the….” Kind of photos to “Ammm…is it okay?” and finally “This is it!” I experimented a lot of editing techniques, strategies and lightning but I don’t feel the satisfaction until I finally get the theme I wanted, PASTEL!. If you are not into Pastel colors, it’s okay with me if you will not continue reading this blog post (but it will break my heart </3) but if you are like me that love unicorn, cotton candy, pink and pastel then you should read this till the end and watch the video.

What is my inspiration for Pastel colors? Honestly it started with Nude colors when I saw the Kardashian Sisters always wear Nude colors and it looks great so why not try until I saw Lissa Kahayon who loves Pastel and her IG is really cotton candy. Then I decided I want a Cotton Candy IG Feed. I really struggle on how to get the pastel colors in my IG feed cuz no matter what I do I still don’t feel right. So, please watch my video below and if you like it please click the "Like" button and if you want to see more of my videos then what are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE! loves. And don't forget to follow me in Instagram loves its Annactub or click HERE.


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