February 2017 Favorites

Before the month of Love will end, I am so excited to share with you loves my favorites of the month and I know that it’s been a long time I haven’t done monthly favorites or monthly haul. I just don’t have any favorites in the past few months and I don’t want to pretend that it’s my favorite even if it’s not just for the sake of consistent posting in my blog, it’s totally not worth.

I just realize that this month of February I started loving some products that I never thought that I will repeatedly use it. So without any blah..blahh.blahhh let me share with you loves my Favorites of the month.

1. Lip tint from Skin Genie

Honestly speaking! I don’t know how to use this lip tint. At first it was fun but at the long time of using, it becomes difficult to apply and it’s so messy. But I discovered a different way of using the Skin Genie lip tint and that is putting it in my cheeks and spreading it out and use it as my blush. And magically, I’m addicted to it and it becomes my top make-up routine. And now my lip tint becomes my cheeks tint, I love how it compliments my skin tone and I love how I look while wearing them on as blush because I look like those Korean women. So far, I didn’t experience any bad effects of using the lip tint to my cheeks.

2. Matte Powder Cushion Oil Control from Cathy Doll

P.S It's not a powder it's a BB Cream, I don't have any idea why the packaging says it's a "Powder"

I am having a hard time to find a perfect BB Cushion, until I saw the Youtube Video of Anna Cay and I remembered that I recently saw it in Watson. I never thought that I will see it here in Thailand because I thought the Matte Powder Cushion from Cathy Doll can only be purchased in Philippines. Aside from it’s amazing quality, the price fits my budget and I found myself satisfied and finally found the perfect BB Cushion. The Matte Powder Cushion has SPF 50 and PA+++, it doesn’t have smell which I love, because the last BB Cushion I had, it has a smell which annoys me. And I never thought that this BB Cushion has a lot of Liquid BB Cream soaked in the sponge, the first patting cushion I experience, I push a little bit hard because I thought the liquid in the sponge is just little, but when I saw the cushion? OMGeeeeee! There’s a lot of BB Liquid, so the next use I just pat a little and my Matte Powder Cushion is not yet finished and it’s been a month already. The coverage is amazing, I don’t have pimples, or blemishes so the coverage is perfect. 

3. Gentle Skin Cleanser from Cetaphil

When it comes to washing my face there’s no luxurious about it as long as I have my Cetaphil. I discovered Cetaphil way back long time ago but I don’t use it because I am not confident enough to trust the product till the last 3 months I started using it and it change my view of Cetaphil. Cetaphil is highly recommended even to Beauty doctors, at first it feels weird so sticky and slimy that I’m not use to it from my usual facial wash. But using it always makes me feel comfortable and the result is amazing, my face becomes smoother and I just notice that my monthly pimple in my chin haven’t come out since I use Cetaphil.

4. Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist from Victoria Secret

I don’t own any perfumes aside from my two bottles of Cologne that never been use or used but only twice. I don’t spray perfumes and I’m contented with my natural scent after showers until I bought the Victoria Secret Perfume Gift Set. The reason why I bought a Gift set in Victoria Secret is to give out one bottle to my family and friends when I came home last year to Philippines. And there is one bottle left and I decided why not for me. It’s weird that the last Scent is Coconut Passion, which I don’t like smelling Coconut scent until I sprayed it first in my arm and Heaven!!! It smells good, It smells sweet but not that strong and I found myself always using it every day. 

5. Green Tea Mineral Mist from Innisfree

I started using Mineral Mist since the road going to my work is getting dusty and dusty because of road repair and I just commute in an open car vehicle. Then I just notice that I am having pimples because of the dusty road and pollution it scares the hell out of me. I don’t have pimples in my face (no bluffing, but I don’t have perfect skin) and I’m panicking if I see at least one. So I need to find intervention, well I cannot stop the people who are working at the road, who am I? And then I discovered the Green Tea Mineral Mist from Innisfree, when I arrived at my work I spray the mineral mist in my face then leave a few seconds and wipe my face in a clean towel then put some make-up on. It’s my way of cleaning my face and wiping off the dust in my face. The smell of the Mist is really green tea, I am not a green tea lover and I don’t like the smell either but I’m getting used to it after using every day. I love how it moisturize my skin after I wipe a clean towel, it becomes smooth and feels like I just get out from the shower.

And that were my Top 5 Favorites of the month of February 2017, proven and tested. I hope you like my beauty faves and if you would like to give it a try then go ahead, I am so happy to share these tips and ideas with you loves. Hoping next month I have my new favorites to share with you. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please write it down below and I will be happy to reply to you loves. 

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