Accessorizing a T-shirt

Hello! Aloha March!! I think it’s not appropriate to say “Please be good to me March” sayings as it is already March 5, 2017 and it’s too late to say but let me just say to all of you my dear lovely readers, HAPPY MARCH! I do feel alive today because I can totally smell the breeze of the ocean, one month more and it’s Summer! Though it’s always been Summer in Asia, but the celebration on that period is so exciting, that’s why I’m keeping my Coats and jackets and bringing out the light weight Cardigan and T-shirt.

In preparation for Summer, T-shirts are the best and comfortable clothes to wear, it’s not too much not too less. But if you prefer sexy you can customize your shirt into the style you prefer. I prefer to add accessories instead to make my outfit more interesting even though I’m just wearing a T-shirt. Let me share some tips on what accessories you can add up in your outfit while wearing your favorite T-shirt.

1. Turban

Turban nowadays are so popular, the most popular is the wide lengthy handkerchief that has a tribal print. It comes with different colors, and I just bought 3 colors. It can make your Shirt outstanding, even though you are wearing plain T-shirt. A fashion Blogger that I adore when it comes to Turban is Dani Song, she looks amazing wearing her own turban with her hair braided. 

2. Statement Necklace

Necklace can make a T-shirt alive, when you are just wearing a plain white T-shirt just add up a statement necklace and you will nailed it. Statement Necklace depends on your style and preference you can use big ones or small but lengthy or you can wear the Rustic Gold color of Black and White Combination or Colorful if you like fun colors.

3. Ladies Bag

They say that no matter how rugged you wear if you have an expensive bag, you will stand out from the crowd. I do agree with that but with my personality I am not into brands, I love to use Ladies bag that has magnificent style and not the expensive ones. I like to use ladies bags with a unique style, and cheap, OMG! I am not a King’s daughter so I should be practical and wise with my choices. And I am proud to say that I’m not into tags or labels, I am more into design and style.

4. Sunnies

Most Celebrities show their Fashionista persona through Sunglasses, even though they are just wearing a T-shirt, Jogger Pants and Cardigan. Sunglasses can highlight your T-shirt especially if you are wearing big lenses Sunglasses or any Sunglasses that attracts others. I’ve seen a lot of Hollywood stars that when they are just walking along the streets they look like they are just wearing their sleeping outfits but they still look fashionable because of their sunnies.

5. Footwear

A lot of ladies prefer a nice pair of shoes than a dress, they rather choose a beautiful pumps than a shirt. If you feel like wearing just only shirt and pants or shirt and short pair it with a nice pair of shoes, either a pumps, wedge or any kinds of ladies shoes. Your outfit will still stand amazing because of your amazing shoes.

And that were my top 5 Tips of accessories you can pair with your T-shirt so you will still look fashionable and stylish. It’s not actually required to be stylish all the time, but there are some girls out there like me, that wear a simple clothes but don’t settle by “OK” we are more on beyond OK. Dressing is by simply expressing on what you feel. What do you think of my tips? Is it helpful? Let me know by simply writing in the comment section below loves. 

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