Let's Get Ready!

Summer is weeks ahead and its official Summer paradise for everyone. Isn’t it fast? It seems like I just had my Christmas break yesterday and now Summer is nearly approaching. How excited are you? Are you prepared? Are you ready? Too many blahh balh blah!! I can say I’m not quite sure.

When I smell the fresh air and breeze of the ocean I can say Its Summer. However, a lot of preparation to be ready to have a satisfying Summer, it’s not that easy there’s a lot of effort and sincere commitment. So let me not take it too long, I would like to share with you loves my Top 6 preparation for Summer.

1. Save Money

Let’s face the fact that Summer is the time you will spend a lot from vacation trips, to beach relaxing to enjoying ice cream at the park. Let’s start saving for Summer, we still have time before the Summer festival comes. We don’t want to spend our Summer days at home just because we don’t have budget.

2. Tone your body down

It’s been a while that we are all eating too much from the Christmas Eve to New Year’s party to Family Reunion and I bet until now you can’t still resist the heavenly taste of delicious food. But hey! Wake up! It’s time to get up and re-shape your body and be healthy. Summer is showing some skin and flaunting your beautiful body so let’s get started to get fit we still have time for the main event. By the way, stressing too much to get a perfect body is not an ideal way, when I say tone down what I meant is that start being healthy and re build your healthy lifestyle.

3. Planning your Vacation Trips

I do believe that the closer you are to your target vacation trips the expensive the rooms and the transportation is, do you agree with me? I work in a Hospitality Industry and I know how things works, LOL! Anyways start planning as early like now your summer gate away, you can get a lot of discounts and low price rooms if you booked, reserved or buy in advance.

4. Outfits Ready

Summer is all about beaches and swimming pools, and if you plan to wear a swimwear like one piece or two piece, start investing now. Look for swimwear attire online, there are a lot of swimwear’s that are friendly budget especially, if you are staying in Philippines you can look to this site:

If you are staying in Thailand you can look at this site:

And if you are staying in US, Australia, Europe and North America you can check:

Zaful is a trusted brand, a famous Filipina Vlogger who really gives a good review with this Online Brand and most of her clothes are from Zaful. You can check Simply Rhaze’s vlog about her Zaful haul at this link HERE

5. Sunblock or Sunscreen

Top of all preparation don’t you dare forget the Sunblock or sunscreen it is a must especially in Summer. Mr. Sun is very energetic on that period and your skin might be damage from UV Rays and other sign of Sun damaging. Get at least SPF 50 and PA ++, and if it’s possible all your skincare and make-up products should have at least SPF 15. It’s better to be secure than regret at the end right? It’s natural to get a tan skin but in the right amount and moisture.

6. Ask Permission to take leave

I’m not sure if this appropriate to everyone, but for girls and boys like me who works hard to pay our own bills it’s time to ask permission to your boss that you will take leave for days or weeks, depends on you. The early to sign the approval form the better. I had this experience that I already asked my boss 3 days before and everyone is taking leave so no one will be left behind at work, and she could not sign my approval form because of no one is working. Did you get what I meant? LOL! It’s a heartbreaking, so now ask your boss so that you will never be left behind. It’s called “May the best man wins”

And that were my Top 6 preparation before Summer, what do you think about it? Is it relevant? In my opinion it is.  Last year, my Summer is 50% satisfying and I hope this year it will be 101% satisfying. How about you? Do you have plans for this coming Summer? Always remember loves to make sure that you comfortable in all the decisions you make and not just because you need to do it. Enjoy your Summer!

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