Travel Diary: One Day around Pattaya for Free

Who doesn’t want to travel around the world for free? I guess everyone dreams to see the world for free. But somehow, somewhere everything nowadays has a price even an entrance fee to a museum. Good thing there are some attractions in Pattaya, Thailand doesn’t require entrance fee. 

Last January my cousin who works in Vietnam visited me here in Pattaya, Thailand and I’m so grateful to show her the beauty of the city. It was only a day trip around Pattaya because of time constraints, anyways we visited popular attractions that doesn’t need entrance fee, how cool is that?

Silver Lake is a grape vineyard with beautiful gardens and amazing grapes plantation. It is located at 31/62 Moo 7 Na-Jomthian, Sattahip, Chon Buri 20250, transportation going to this vineyard is a little bit difficult because there are no public transportation going to this place you really need to hire a car, or get a taxi to go there. Again there is no entrance fee if you want to go inside the Silver Lake, it’s an open vineyard.

2. Pattaya View Point

Pattaya View Point is located at the hill of Pratumnak with an overlooking view of the Pattaya City. There is also a nice spot for coffees and snack where you can sit back and relax. Transportation going there is also a little bit tricky, there is no public transportation to go up in Pratumnak Hill but you can take motorbike, taxi or the songtew for rent (public transportation in Thailand). Tips loves, it’s everyone expectations, but let me break it there is no meter taxi in Pattaya, all taxis are negotiable and fixed price. You might see taxi car with a sign “meter taxi”, but unfortunately it’s a sign and they never turn on their meter. 

3.  Big Buddha

Big Buddha is also located nearby Pattaya View Point, so there is no stressful feeling on how to get there. The tricky part is you need to walk up to another hill to reach Big Buddha, but if you are lazy like me there are motorbikes that can send you to the top of Big Buddha, again price are negotiable. Big Buddha is literally Big and Golden and overlooking view of Pattaya. It’s a holy place so if you are wearing sexy or short shorts outfit you are not allowed to go inside unless you wear those free skirt but remember to return after. 

Getting curious? See my Vlog below where we really had fun exploring Pattaya, Thailand for Free. If you like my video just click the thumbs up button, and if you wish to see more videos don’t forget to subscribe loves. It’s totally much appreciated. 

Hope you like my travel diary around Pattaya, it’s really a good tips for you loves if you are planning to go to Pattaya and expecting to go around for free. Or if you have a business trip in Pattaya, Thailand and wants to do side trips for free. It’s a great choice to visit. Have you visited places for free? Share with me guys so I can go also, I am more into Free stuff. 

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