How to Achieve your Goals

I am so inspired to write this blog post today because I just receive a wonderful news last week that I am hired for the position I applied in an institution here in Pattaya, Thailand. I won’t go into details as of now because there is no signing of contract yet. Anyways! When I looked back into my past I notice that I did achieved a lot of things that I never thought that it will happen. Like travelling out of the country, having a stable job, or even being able to graduate in my College days. Do you want to know my secret? Shout out! To all graduates this year, Congratulations guyz!

Just so you know I grow up in a middle class family, my parents are not that rich and they really work hard to provide our basic needs like education, foods and etc. I also made a lot of bad decisions in life when I was in college, I party a lot, drinks, skipped classes even drop one subject just to have fun with my friends, having fun with my friends is not the bad idea the dropping classes is. Anyways, to make it short I am not perfect, well there is no perfect what I meant is that I am not an obedient daughter, LOL! So how did I pull it off? And achieved all the things I want? Let me share with you loves my top 5 secrets.

1.  Be a dreamer

They say dream as long as you can there is no limitation to dream big. That is totally true! When I was in high school I am not quite sure what I really wanted to be, all know I dream to work outside in the Philippines. Everyone thought that it’s so impossible, but I really do believed on it that someday somehow I will get a nice job outside the Philippines. And now here I am working in Pattaya, Thailand. Do not stress yourself on how you are going to achieved your dream just DREAM AND BELIEVE ON IT THAT IT WILL HAPPEN you might surprise yourself that you already achieved your dream. 

2. Be a risk taker (in a good way)

My sister define me as a risk taker, well I like that. As some of you know I love to travel anywhere, everywhere at any time. When I was in College I actually don’t know where to get an OJT (On-the Job Training) and all of my friends applied for OJT to Singapore, well I don’t expect too much to get in cause it’s quite impossible for me to go to Singapore since I’m not sure that my Father can afford to send me to Singapore for OJT so I’ll just take the risk applied and surprisingly I get in and my Father supported me 101% on that very moment. Taking a risk for a good cause leads you to your dream, so don’t be afraid to take risk if you know you will never harm anyone or yourself. 

3. Don’t settle for Ok, strive for the best

Some people say you need to be contented on what you have, well I don’t. There are some things in life that you shouldn’t settle for okay! For example, you already met your love of your life and that’s it, you just stay by his or her side and do nothing with your own life because you are already happy with him or her. Or you are selling clothes online and that’s it. Shall I say this? WAKE UP! GET UP! This kind of situation is not going to help you achieved your goals, if you have any. When I was in Philippines, before I came here in Thailand a lot of people try to hold me back so I will stay in the Philippines, they say “you can get a job that you love in the Philippines and no need to go abroad”. But I really don’t want to settle for less if I knew that there is something big out there, I live once in the world and why not strive for the best and be happy.

4. Be ambitious

Too much ambition is bad, I do agree. But too much ambition in a good way and in a good result that never harm anyone else is good. I have a lot of ambition in life and I can say I am a certified ambitious, but I always put my feet on ground and remember not to be arrogant. 

5. Never give up

Never give up in a situation that makes you feel so down or unlucky. I have a lot of difficult experiences in life that makes me feel it’s over and I loose but I always think and believe that there is always a way to achieved my goals, (in a right way again) and I don’t want to end up losing. Like, I almost didn’t graduate because of one subject class that I failed because honestly speaking I really don’t like that subject class, and it comes to a point that my name is not on the list of graduates because of that and I can’t accept that I’m losing what I did I talk to my subject teacher and ask what can I do to at least passed the subject he just told me make a project report on that certain topic and to cut the story short I passed and make it to the stage. See? Never give up until you are run out of options (good options).

And that were my Top 5 tips on how to achieved your goals in life or your dream, believe me it works cause I tested all of them and I landed in a good place. Though some of my dreams and goals in life didn’t happen yet but I do believe that sooner or later it will take place in the right moment. Just believe in yourself, and never give up. 

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