Travel Diary: Trip to Beauty-Falls Kanchanaburi

It’s been almost a month since I haven’t write or posted anything here in my blog, how frustrating! I’ve been so stress lately (reaaasooonssss!) for so many things to handle and get things done in my life. And now that I’m back in my track I am also having a hard time to keep up with myself. I am having a lot of insecurities right now in my blogging career but I know sooner or later I will be back with my own self.

So, because of all the stress during Summer, I am still blessed and happy that somehow I am able to travel and get a life even for a short moment. We went to Kanchanaburi last month to see the beautiful province of the South of Thailand (correct me if I’m wrong with the direction). It was  a very long road trip from Pattaya to Kanchanaburi it took us 4 hours to get there and my boyfriend is the only one driving with his car, because I don’t know how to drive (Poor me? Or Poor him? LOL). We also stayed in Tamarind Guesthouse it’s a budget accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights, it is very cheap for backpackers and it’s already enough but if you want a luxurious or like staycation mode it’s not the best for you. Tamarind Guesthouse is 500 THB/night and it’s a good deal, because we didn’t stay too much in the guesthouse as we go around Kanchanaburi and explore the area. 

I have a travel vlog below of our trip and experience around Kanchanaburi if you are so curious about the place. Kanchanaburi is a very nice place to escape, what I meant about escape is that if you live in a city surrounded with buildings and busy traffics and noisy streets and polluted air, Kanchanaburi is the best place to escape and be with Nature again. If you like the video, please give it a Thumbs up and to see more of my travel vlogs please do subscribe, and after you watch the video, please continue read down below because I have so many things to share with you loves (like goosebumps) about how magical and amazing the place is, see you down below!

What do you think of the place? Is it nice? For me it is, but there are just some part of the province that I’m not super “WOW!” because I grew up in the province in the Philippines I saw them almost every day in my life. But there are a lot of things in Kanchanaburi that makes me wonder that “MAYBE” this place is home of beautiful fairies, LOL!. True! Why? When we went to Erawan Falls the road going there has a lot of butterflies flying freely and there’s a lot of them, it’s so magical to look at, I want to stop and took a photo but the road is too busy with cars passing by, driving also going to Erawan falls and I’m avoiding any accidents that might occur.

Kanchanaburi is also a mysterious place for me (It’s my own opinion loves and observation, so bear with me!) During our DIY or personal tour around the province we learned that the famous River Kwai Bridge was made or constructed by the captured foreign soldiers (I’m not sure if it’s American or Australian or whatever but I’m sure it’s not local) of Japanese Soldiers. Am I making sense? Japanese Soldiers arrived in Kanchanaburi and captured the Foreign Soldiers and they forced them to do the long very long bridge with their own hands. It’s a very tragic history, when I saw the photos in the museum on how Foreign soldiers constructed the bridge with their own hands, survive from the very monster evil Japanese Soldiers, well some of them died with disease and their body was just thrown away in the forest like a double dead meat and some of them looks like skin and bones and I am so sad for their tragic life. 

And that is my experience going to Kanchanaburi Thailand, I am so happy that I am able to go around Thailand (because I’m living and working here) and hoping for more discoveries around Thailand and hopefully outside Thailand. Have you been to a province that has a lot of stories to tell? Share with me loves and I’m happy to read it and who knows I might go there and experience what you experienced (it seems like this part of sentence is freaking horror. LOL!) Happy Summery loves, see you in my next blog post. 

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